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Reloader RLD-20 Digital Scales

Reloader RLD-20 Digital Scales

It’s a fact that many cheaper brands of pellet suffer from weight inconsistencies. Eliminate these, and many more makes of pellet would be usable from our favourite kit. Okay, admittedly, it can be a time-consuming and fairly tedious task, and who’s got the time to weight-sort cheaper pellets in any case?

However, as Field Target (and HFT for that matter) becomes ever more competitive, the serious shooter needs an edge, and here, in this ultracompetitive arena, weighing pellets is all but essential. Even the very best ammunition used can vary slightly, tin to tin, and batch to batch, and keeping variation to within plus or minus a tenth of a grain, is well worth doing. It’s all about peace of mind, and absolute confidence in the equipment at the top level, and those competitors that are prepared to go that extra mile, are often the ones that emerge victorious.

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So, we need scales that are sensitive and accurate enough to be within a tenth of a grain, and that normally means either powder scales for shooters who utilise reloading products, or mini scales intended for the diamond industry. On test here are the Reloadr RLD-20 High Precision Digital Powder Scales from Henry Krank, and they are just the job for what we have in mind. The set comes very neatly packaged in its own plastic storage case, along with tweezers, weighing pan, weights and batteries.

I should point out at this stage, that for those unfamiliar with this type of ultra-precise scale, all weighing should be done indoors, since the slightest breeze is enough to upset and distort the readings. Take out the scales and open the protective lid, and there’s a quick start guide taped inside. This mentions that for first time use, calibration needs to be carried out. This needs the ‘M’ key to be pressed. The zero point is set, then the display says 10g, and at this point a small 10g weight (supplied) needs to be placed in the scales. A second weight is then added, to balance for 20g. The display then says ‘PASS’ to confirm all is well. The default weight is in grains, which is ideal for pellets, and can be switched to grams if required.


I’ve had a set of Accura diamond scales for some years now, but they seem fragile and less positive than this Reloadr set. What stands out with these scales is the super quick and positive reading, and when I dropped a series of pellets into the pan, the readings came back the same for each pellet, time after time; so, consistency looks good, which is of course vital.

They feel solid and refined in operation, and are a vital tool for those of us who want to push performance that little bit further. Weighing pellets may not be everyone’s idea of fun for those long winter nights, but for peace of mind, it really does make sense. Take that route, and this ‘Reloadr’ set are hard to beat, for such a modest outlay.