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Reloadr Marksman - 100 Scale

Reloadr Marksman - 100 Scale

With numerous small digital scales, already available to the reloader, it is hard to find one with anything extra to offer, but this little unit does exactly that. Firstly, many other scales of this type on the market offer an accuracy of 0.01grams, which equates to 0.154-grains, so accuracy is not actually to 0.1-grains as some manufacturers claim. The RMM-100 scale offers accuracy to 0.005-grams, which equates to 0.077-grains, i.e. true accuracy to 0.1-grains. Secondly, although this unit does have the auto shut off function common to most electronic scales, it can be disabled so that you don’t have to deal with it turning itself off every time you turn your back on it for a few minutes. Additional features include a ‘Stability Indicator’, which shows when the scale is stable and ready to read, and a ‘Centre of Zero Indicator’. This shows the operator that the scales ‘brain’ has reset itself to true zero and not just something near to zero that generates a displayed figure of 0.0-grains due to the tolerances on the scales accuracy (this sounds rather complicated but in simple terms it’s just to let you know it has properly reset to zero). These features help to ensure that the readings displayed are truly accurate.

Ready to go

The scale comes complete with batteries, a great powder pan that is shaped to allow a powder charge to be poured straight into most cases without the need for a funnel, a calibration weight and a really good plastic dust cover that protects the entire scale and doubles up as a large tray for measuring larger loads. It all comes in a good quality padded box, to ensure that the scale is protected when not being used.

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To test the consistency of the weights the scale gives, I carried out two sets of tests. Firstly, I set up the scale and weighed the same bullet ten times, resetting the scale using the Tare button each time. The scale displayed the same weight every single time, which was something of a pleasant surprise! Secondly, I weighed ten bullets, one at a time, and noted down the weight of each, again pressing the Tare button after each time. I then turned off the scale, turned it back on again and repeated the same weighing process. Again, all the readings were the same for each of the bullets. The tests were both repeated and the consistency of the weights recorded remained the same. These are very impressive results, particularly for a set of scales in this price range.

The display is backlit and very clear and the unit is compact, so doesn’t take up much space on the workbench. When an object is placed on the scale, the reading stabilises very quickly, with none of the annoying ‘creep’ in the displayed weight you get with some digital scales after a few seconds. The tare button allows the user to easily zero the display after the powder pan is places on the weighing platform and before the powder charge is added.


This an excellent scale and they are extremely well priced. With a three-year warranty and built in overload protection, they should give many years of reliable service. I suspect that when they become established on the market, and people realise just what a good buy they are, the price may just creep up a bit, so it is worth getting a set sooner rather than later!



  • Name: Reloadr Marksman Digital Reloading Scale (RMM-100)
  • Price: £35.00
  • Contact: Henry Krank Ltd www.henrykrank.com