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Nosler RDF Bullets

Nosler RDF Bullets

Nosler have designed and produced the new RDF (Reduced Drag Factor) bullets from the ground up, to achieve best in class performance with the suggestion that it’s not about being cutting edge, but the sharpest point! This point, or Meplat, of a bullet is the first point of contact with the atmosphere where air is parted for the bullet to slide through and maintain the highest possible efficiency of ballistic coefficient. This to minimises drag, and loss of velocity and consequently provide better crosswind resistance and a flatter trajectory.

The RDFs promise no Meplat trimming or bullet preparation is required to achieve the tightest consistent groups with easier handload tuning from a compound ogive form that blends the critical high B.C. ‘secant’ shape from the long sharp tip, into the more forgiving ‘tangent’ form, where the bullet meets the rifling’s leade. This approach offers accurate handloads from magazine length, without the need to tune Cartridge Overall Length in the critical manner true Secant Ogive bullets do, often leading to minimised neck contact and consequent alignment in long throated factory rifles.

Packaged in hundreds, rather than Nosler’s former 50-round boxes, leads to greater batch consistency at a better price in a market where lead and copper always seem to be climbing.


  • Name: Nosler RDF (Reduced Drag Factor) Bullets
  • Price: (per 100): 70gr .22 cal. (£41,99), 105gr 6mm (£46.99), 140gr 6.5mm (£46.99) and 175gr .30 calibre (£53.99)
  • Contact: Highland Outdoors (for nearest supplier) www.highlandoutdoors.co.uk Nosler. www.nosler.com


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