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NSI Shotgun Cartridges

NSI Shotgun Cartridges

Edgar Brothers have been importing a new name to me in shotgun ammunition for about a year now emanating from Italy and it is good value for money ammunition. Nobel Sport Italia, or NSI, offers really good value-for-money shotgun shells, with a very good variety of calibres and loadings. They make all the components inhouse and therefore can keep a very close eye on quality and therefore performance and final cost to you. So far to date NSI have produced 3500,000,000 cartridges! I had three calibres to shoot and test, 28g, 20g and 12-gauge.

NSI 28 T1: Box of 25 is £11.97

The 28-gauge is my favourite shotgun calibre; as it is just enough for all my types of vermin hunting with low recoil, yet great performance. This NSI load too proved to be a really nicely made cartridge.

I had the 70mm or 2¾-inch case; no one makes a 3-inch, which is odd but there you go. You have a short rimmed case and blue plastic casing. There is a six-star crimping to the closure with gold lettering denoting the loading within. This load had 21-grams or ¾-ounces of No. 5 shot and a plastic wadding.

Plastic wads throw tighter patterns than fibre wads but are less environmentally friendly and this load is definitively a game load.

I shot these in a few 28-gauge guns, firstly the new Akkar Triple, also from Edgar Brothers and a lovely little fast-handling Beretta Xplor semi-auto.

Firstly, in the Xplor, the NSI shot very smoothly with no feeding or ejection problems and judging from the report to hitting the pattern boards, this is a fast load, also indicated by the MAX dram loading to the side of the case, our Italian friends like it hot!

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With the Akkar on ½ choke, I had a total of 148 pellets with 65 No. 5s in the outer 30-inches and as expected a denser 83 pellets in the central 15-inches, with good, even spread again.

NSI Speed Fibre 20 gauge:

Box of 25 is £13.01 This is a 70mm or 2¾-inch case, and as with all 20-gauge cartridges, is coloured yellow for safety in case you inadvertently mix it up with a 12g and pop it in the chamber, not a good thing to do!

The case is plastic with high brass rim and this uses a fibre wadding, more suited for field use and environmentally friendly. There is a six-star crimping to the closure and all the load details in black lettering to the case body. As the name dictates, it is a fast 20-gauge load, designed for shooting a heavy payload at speed. I had the 28-gram load and No. 7.5 shot size, so equally good for sporting clays also. I shot this load in a 20-gauge Zoli Pernice, Browning B325 and an Ian Coley Custom Rizzini.

The Pernice had a ¾ choking and shot a nice high pellet count for this one, with 308 total pellets striking the board, with a spread of 137 pellets to the outer sectors and a whopping 171 pellets in the inner 15 inches. I have to say, a really nice, evenly spread pattern count ratio for the ¾ choke.

NSI UNO Prima 12-gauge: Box of 25 is £8.21

This is a sporting load with a red case and plastic wadding and loaded with a six-star closure and high brass rim. I had the 28g ram or 1oz load with 7.5 shot size, so good for clays. I used this load in a Beretta 686E 12g with a ½ choke and at 30-yards I had a total of 215 No. 7.5 shot pellets hit the 30-inch circle. This was distributed with 149 pellets in the outer sectors and 66 pellets with in the inner 15-inches, with an even spread of shot on target.


It is nice to shoot a different make of cartridge, as often we get stuck with the same old same old. The NSI range of cartridges offer competitively priced shells and judging from the performance in the guns tested and pattern boards, I think NSI will make inroads into the shotgunner’s kit bag, more and more.


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  • Name: NSI shotgun cartridges
  • Contact: Edgar Brothers Ltd. www.edgarbrothers.com


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