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Sellier & Bellot slug cartridge

Sellier & Bellot slug cartridge

You may not have heard too much of them over here but they have been in business since 1825 - so they must be doing something right. Their shotgun slug ammunition is well known and well used on the practical target shotgun circuit here in the UK, and the importer - York Guns - now have three types of Sellier & Bellot 12 bore shotgun slug available.

S&B’s Special Slug Sport is 67.5mm long ( 2 5/8 of an inch) with a 28 gram load of powder, and is sold in boxes of 25. It is very popular with Target shotgun shooters, depending upon the type and operation of your shotgun. The 28g load works well in pump action and semi auto gas operated guns. Recoil operated semi-automatic shotguns such as the Benelli need a bit more ‘Oomph!’ and Sellier & Bellot have another slug for these weapons.

Their Special Slug is sold in boxes of 5 and is 67.5mm long with a bigger 32g load. This is a very accurate slug and cycles my Benelli every time. There is a Wild Boar on the box pointing to this cartridge’s hunting heritage, but it is equally at home hitting the ‘V’ bulls of TP1 and Multi Target targets at 30m. The 32g Special sends the slug out at 420 feet per second whereas the 28g is only ten feet per second less at 410 fps.

For Practical shotgun use S&B have what they call their Practical Slug, this is shorter at 63.5mm (2 ½ inches) long and comes in boxes of 25. Being shorter means you can get more into a Practical shotgun magazine, always an advantage in that sport. This travels along at 395 feet per second. So, York Guns and S&B have a slug for every event, I’ve stocked up already!

Technical Specification

Sellier & Bellot

Special Slug Sport

Special Slug

Practical Slug

Product NoV051939V051631V051663
Cartridge length67.5mm67.5mm63.5mm
Pcs per box25525
Boxes per case104010
Weight per case10.2 kgs/22.5 lbs9.1 kgs/20 lbs11 kgs/24 lbs
Retail price£59.95 per 100£71.95 per 100£76.95 per100

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  • Sellier & Bellot slug cartridge - image {image:count}

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  • You quote their meters per second figures as being FPS (Feet Per Second)I think you should edit the post for the sake of accuracy..

    420(m/s) is 1377.95 FPS, 410(m/s) is 1345.14fps and 395(m/s) is 1295.93..All of which are supersonic.

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    Basil Henrick
    06 Oct 2020 at 01:27 AM
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    Can I order the 12g special slug,product no.V051631 from you.I have aFAC allowing me to keep this.

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    Malc Hale
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