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Victory Challenger Plaswad

Victory Challenger Plaswad

The rather strange phenomenon about Victory cartridges is that they’re better known in some parts of the country than others. Equally, the popularity tends to be affected by the fluctuating value of the Euro, the exchange rate rather dictating the purchase price of these high performance Cypriot built loads. One thing I will say from the off however is that once a Victory user, the chances are you’ll remain so, the Challenger competition load tested here having ensured various top shots enough titles and awards to guarantee loyalty.

Delivered in what could be best described as rather lively printed informative cartons, each singularly different from the other, the dissimilarity between the two plaswad loads allows for easy identification. Both an exact 58mm long, inclusive of the 16mm brass head, the translucent green 7½ and deep blue 8 cases are clearly over printed in gold and finished with a moderately deep roll and six-point crimp.

Internally, both employ an indistinguishable single-leg four-split plaswad and shot cup, an average of 381 or 27-94 grams of 7½’s, 426 or 28-19 grams of 8’s contained within. No irregular pieces of shot were to be found over the three sample loads of each, the dark coloured lead well formed and free running. Likewise the propellant, both types charged with an exact 1-47 grams of precise, fast burning green disc cut powder.

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Chronographed and patterned at 10ft and 30ft respectively, the similarities continued, 1,246 fps for the 7½’s, 1,247 for the 8’s with no more than 18fps variation either way. Pattern wise through the Marocchi A12’s ¼ choke, once again a matching pellet count of 87% was observed, no obvious bias towards any part of the Express patterning card. The two loads’ similarity is as near identical as I’ve ever experienced.   

In respect of speed and overall shot distribution, neither Challenger is particularly out of the ordinary. But it’s when you’re using them that their reputation comes to the fore. Test fired through the usual Marocchi A12 semi-auto around Bond & Bywater’s ESP layout both cartridges twin-like properties are exactly what the top shots look for.

Apart from the actual shot size the choice of which is dictated by the target, performance is precisely the same. No need to vary lead or expect a different sensation, both cartridges reacting exactly the same way. For those who like to vary their shot size dependant on the targets in hand even down to variations on the same stand, the Challenger load is more or less ideal. Not the cheapest on the market, for those who insist on performance competition loads, a close look at the Victory range could prove worthwhile. 

Price (Per box of 25): £4.50p approx per box of 25

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  • Name: Victory Challenger Plaswad
  • Load: 28 gram 7.5 & 8
  • Average Speed: 7.5 - 1,246fps / 8 – 1,245fps


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    Default profile image
    pat farey
    01 Nov 2011 at 02:17 PM
  • hello i am from cyprus. i want to buy the Cartridges below.can you send me in cyprus??
    Name Victory Challenger Plaswad
    Load 28 gram 7.5 & 8
    Average Speed 7.5 - 1,246fps / 8 – 1,245fps
    Price (Per box of 25) £4.50p approx per box of 25

    Default profile image
    31 Oct 2011 at 06:39 AM
  • just got back into clay shooting after 10 year layoff , used victory 71/2 for all my shooting with very good results including class win in world sporting champ in 1998, A briliant cartridge which suits my shooting, Down side, none apart from, WHERE THE HELL CAN I BUY THEM IN ESSEX.

    Default profile image
    michael beatwell
    04 Sep 2011 at 06:07 PM

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