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DD Camouflage Tarp

DD Camouflage Tarp

I needed to get a new large tarp for the communal area of one of my bushcraft ‘base camps’ and this tarp has proven ideal.

Well-constructed with well-reinforced guy/pegging out points, the DD Tarp 4x4 MC Camouflage works well against many different backgrounds, allowing the camp to fade into the woods rather than stand out like a sore thumb, while the fabric has performed well in wind and rain, shedding water well and showing no sign of damage. The supplied pegs and guys are the bare minimum for getting the tarp pitched, but with loads of useful guying out points. The addition of extra guys and pegs allows you to pitch the tarp in an almost limitless variety of ways.

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The DD Tarp 4x4 MC gives good shelter, is not too bulky or heavy to carry, stands up well to bad weather and, as it is made of polyester, not nylon, also stands up to sunlight quite well (UV damage is not covered in the warranty) and should be a good choice for anyone wanting a nice big tarp that is also good value for money.

A couple of very minor niggles though. I found the ridge line attachment points a bit long to give a tight pitch in my favoured configuration, so I put a thumb knot in them and solved the issue. I also miss having an internal loop for hanging a small lantern etc., but a cord could easily be rigged inside the ridge from the end attachment points. The fabric is a bit noisier than my favoured cotton, but is lighter and more maintenance-free, so you win some and lose some…

All in all, a great group shelter tarp.

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  • Size: 4x4-metres
  • Fabric: 100% 190T polyester with PU waterproofing rated to 3000mm. Taped seams.
  • Attachment Points: 19
  • Colour: DD Hammocks' own 'Multi Cam' camouflage print
  • Comes with: Four basic pegs, four guy lines and a stuff sack
  • Weight: (excluding pegs etc.) 1300g
  • Price: £55 inc. standard shipping to the UK
  • Contact: www.ddhammocks.com