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Fenix CL20 Camping Lantern

Fenix CL20 Camping Lantern

Hunters and outdoorsmen know the uses for a headlamp or torch but there’s also a lesser talked of utility light the hunter can also find useful. I refer to what are often termed ‘camping lanterns.’ However, this ‘new breed’ of lantern is now much more compact and utilise LEDs for multi-lighting levels, so are very useful for paunching rabbits, gathering kit together as the light fades. Another task they fulfil admirably is helping you to set up a pop-up hide before dawn and thereafter find items of kit in the gloom once inside.

Measuring 78.4x45.2x59.1mm and weighing 103.2-grams, excluding batteries, the Fenix CL 20 Camping Lantern supports 2x standard AA batteries or a single CR123A lithium battery to ensure optimum performance in cold seasons.

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The premium, neutral white LEDs, along with an exclusive multifaceted globe, provide a very manageable set of anti-glare lighting levels, all operated by a side-positioned single push button switch. It has a hanging loop and magnet for easy attachment and gives four brightness settings from the main white light source, plus a low output red light to preserve your night vision. This dual power source lantern gives the following brightness and run time ratings of 165-Lumens (Two-hours 23-miutesn), 100-Lumens (five-hours 15-minutes), 50-Lumens (11-hours 28-minutes), eight-Lumens (71-hours 40-minutes) plus 1.5-Lumens red light for (27-hours 10-minutes) from 2x AA Ni-MH batteries.

From a single CR123A Lithium battery, ratings are 165-Lumens (two-hrs), 100-Lumens (three-hours 31-minutes), 50-Lumens (seven-hours 32-minutes), eight-Lumens (46-hours 50-minutes) plus 1.5-Lumen red light for (20-hours).

Available with an olive green or ice blue colour body.

PRICE: £34.95
CONTACT: The Photon Shop, www.myfenix.co.uk

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