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Gransfor Bruks Small Forest Axe

Gransfor Bruks Small Forest Axe

When I heard, from more than one source, that Gransfors Bruks’ axes were “the axes that all other are measured by”, “the top axes available”, “the only axes worth buying”, I became curious and decided to invest in one to see if they are as good as their reputation. So I chose the Small Forest Axe, designed for splitting small sticks, cutting small diameter limb wood and general field work.

Of a traditional design, with a 1.5lb head, this axe has a 3.5” face and a top quality 19” hickory handle. It can be used single or double-handed giving control for fine cuts (such as starting a carving project) or powerful chopping (such as dropping small trees) and is compact enough to fit in a rucksack, or even be clipped to your belt using the strap on the grain leather edge mask (sheath) that it comes with.

The quality of the axe is undeniable, the wood being oil-finished, not crudely varnished, and has a lanyard hole in the end.  The head is individually forged from a special Swedish axe steel - the smith stamps his initials into the axe head (mine is by Mattias Mattson), and is properly fitted and wedged onto the handle (no glue or resin used). With no gluing, painting, grinding or other cosmetic work the craftsmanship in the construction of the axe can be seen, and the manufacturers are obviously proud of their products.

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Each axe comes with a copy of “The Axe Book” which not only gives care and maintenance information, but also a history of the Gransfors Bruks company (from 1910), a guide to cutting and storing firewood, limbing logs, making a fire (indoors and in the field), axe throwing, making log cabin logs, and the company philosophy “Make it well and make it to last so as to reduce impact on the environment”, as well as a 20-year guarantee.

Having tried the Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe, is it as good as I was led to believe?  It certainly is!  The weight, heft, balance, shape – everything is just how a good axe should be and the blade cuts deep, clean and accurately every time.  This is as close to perfection as you can get!

I shopped around to get a good price for this axe (there are many stockists), eventually buying it online from Birch Tree Productions for £46.50 inc VAT and p+p.  Service was excellent with the axe arriving 2 days after I placed the order.

Birch Tree also sell Bushcraft DVDs, knives, saws etc, aimed primarily at bushcraft/wilderness enthusiasts, but ideal for all country sportsmen and workers.

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