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Petromax Ft 1 Dutch Oven

Petromax Ft 1 Dutch Oven

Over the years, I have used various Dutch ovens for cooking on open fires, but recently acquired the smallest ‘Dutchy’ that I have ever come across, the 1.1 litre capacity Ft1 Dutch Oven from Petromax. Although most users of Dutch ovens would consider this Dutchy too small for general use (for most of my Dutch oven cooking I rely on a six-litre pot), the Ft1 is ideal for one-man use, or for baking cakes, desserts and making sauces.

I chose the version of the pot with legs, making it ideal for cooking over embers rather than a stove top, or hanging it over flames, and I have had some great results. Cast iron is a joy to cook with! The fact that the Petromax Dutch Ovens come ready seasoned means that you can start cooking immediately, without having to faff about seasoning the pots first, and the build quality is superb! The lid of the Dutch oven has a lifting loop, a raised edge so that you can pile embers on top of the lid for even heating, and fits well on the body of the pot. Inverted, the lid can be used to cook in by itself and has a 0.6 litre capacity, making it good for keeping items warm, while other elements of the meal cook in the pot.

As well as legs and a very strong bail (with central ‘notch’ for secure hanging) the body of the Ft1 has a hole in the rim for inserting a thermometer for super accurate camp fire cooking. I have turned out some superior (for me!) bannock bread, stews etc. using the Petromax Ft1 Dutch Oven and, on the basis of trying one of their Dutchies, I would recommend any of their range!

For cleaning the Dutch ovens after use, Petromax produce a stainless-steel chain mail scourer. This item effortlessly cleans the cast iron without damaging the seasoning of the pot – and it looks so cool too!


  • Name: Petromax Ft1 Dutch Oven
  • Max Capacity: 1.7-litres
  • Pot Capacity: 1.1-litres
  • Lid Capacity: 0.6-litres
  • Weight: 2.8kg (6.2lbs)
  • Size: 16cm x 19cm max dia.
  • Materials: Pre-seasoned cast iron – stainless steel bail
  • Price: Around £26.00
  • Name: Chain Mail Scourer
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size: 12 x 14cm
  • Weight: 75g
  • Price: Around £11.00
  • Contact: P4 Distribution, p4distribution.co.uk


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