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Pits and Bits Wash Kit

Pits and Bits Wash Kit

When spending a few nights out in the field working up a sweat with the military or doing activities such as shooting, fishing, camping, a bit of airsoft or even just going to a festival, it is not long before you will need a good wash. It is important to maintain a good level of personal hygiene for yourself and those around you! This can prove difficult, as washing normally means a good scrub and then a rinse, which requires an ample supply of water and as we all know this is not always available in the field. This kit is specifically designed to be rinse free, making things much easier!

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Included in the kit is a 65ml bottle of body wash and shampoo, which are both PH balanced and paraben free, making them non-irritating and allowing them to be used as often as necessary. All you need to do is apply, massage and then towel off the residue. Included in the kit is a biodegradable towel that can be used for this task. There is also a bottle of alcohol free foam hand sanitiser, which is pretty self-explanatory.

Not forgetting your teeth, there is a smile saver, single-use tooth brush. This is a very clever design that allows you to push the head of the brush into the handle, thus forcing toothpaste into the bristles, very clever! All in all, these products offer up a very useful package, and by going to www.top-of-the-range. co.uk/equipment/accessories/ washing you can essentially build up your own kit, adjusting it to your needs and the amount of time in the field. An example, kit such as the one described, will cost around £10.

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