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Tick remover card

Tick remover card

If you’ve never been bitten by a tick whilst out in the field hunting then you are indeed lucky. These horrible little bloodsuckers’ can give you Lyme’s disease which can be debilitating if not lethal if not treated. Problem is they burrow their heads in to feed and the mistake people make is trying to pull them out by the body which usually snaps off leaving the head in place. Lifesystems have come up with a clever idea – a tick removal system - and say this: “Squeezing, twisting or in any way stressing a tick greatly increases the risk of it injecting harmful agents into the bloodstream of its host.

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Developed in conjunction with scientists and doctors specialising in insect-borne disease, the Lifesystems Tick Remover Card enables ticks to be removed safely, quickly and without force.” Made of a translucent clear plastic it’s about the size of a credit card so ideal to have in your wallet close at hand when needed, and features an integral, x3 magnifying lens to see the beast and small and large V-notches to allow you to ease it out. Full instructions on use and also symptoms of tick-borne diseases is printed on the packaging, it also urges you even if you get a tick out to go and seek medical help/advice right away, which could be a course of antibiotics as you cannot be too careful with these little horrors! The card is equally useful for bee stings, splinter and thorn removal and at just £3.99 well worth the effort!

PRICE: £3.99
CONTACT: ellis-brigham.com

FOR: A simple and cost-effective removal system
AGAINST: Not a lot but always seek medical advice if bitten
VERDICT: Get one it just might save your life, or let you have one

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