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Web-Tex Steel-Of-Fire Survival Match

Web-Tex Steel-Of-Fire Survival Match

‘Spark Sticks’ of various sorts have been around for quite some time now, under several names, such as ‘ferro rods’, ‘fire steels’ etc., and have proved useful for lighting fires under adverse conditions.

Unaffected by wind or rain, or a soaking (though they may deteriorate if stored damp for any length of time), fire steels/ferro rods/spark sticks are very effective tools, throwing a mass of sparks that burn at several 1000 degrees at your tinder or stove.

The Web-tex Steel-of-Fire Survival Match is, unlike most, designed for one-handed use and is easy to use in either hand, while folding into a black plastic integral case for transport. Approx 10cm x 2.5cm x 3.25cm folded, the survival match unfolds to show a 4.5cm x 12mm diameter fire steel with a 9cm handle. The fire steel is spring loaded and to produce the sparks pressure is applied with your thumb to the strike plate (which also locks the cover in transport) and the handle pushes down while the end of the fire steel rests on the tinder. As the fire steel slides back into the handle, the strike plate scrapes a shower of sparks off the side of the fire steel, igniting the tinder.

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The fire steel can rotate in the handle to prevent scraping the same spot, so wear can be evened out. The first strikes remove the black protective coating and may not give sparks, and if you are storing the used fire steel for long periods I would coat the exposed metal with wax or nail varnish to give a protective coating and avoid potential deterioration of the fire steel.

The Web-tex Steel-of- Fire Survival Match will give many thousands of strikes, is easy and comfortable to use, and can be used effectively in either hand. The handle incorporates a useful lanyard slot to help avoid losing this useful fire starting tool.

Costing around £15.05 and weighing about 75g, the Web-tex is robust enough to survive some rough handling.

NAME: Web-tex Steel- of-Fire Survival Match
PRICE: £15.05
CONTACT:01234 740327 web-tex.co.uk

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