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Cold Steel Rajah Knives

Cold Steel Rajah Knives

Cold Steel’s Rajah 11 and 111 are a pair of folders that show a Kukri-like layout though are much smaller than the original Ghurkha design. The main difference is size as version 11 is larger with a long usable handle allowing variable grip options. The Rajah 111 is smaller, with a serrated or plain edge, but at a size that makes an ideal skinning tool.

Something Different

Locking is by Andrew Demko’s Tri-ad system. This strong, self-adjusting mechanism stood up to my best intents to try and defeat it, I hammered the hell out of the Rajah 11 while battoning logs and it just carried on utterly unfazed. It engages smoothly and releases by a lever in the top of the handle. Suffice to say this is one of the best of its type with many useful features that address the generic problems of a locking blade!

Both knives on test use the same build spec. Blades are a matt/satin finished AUS 8 stainless that showed good edge retention qualities on its full, flat grind. When sharpening use of a rounded ceramic rod as it suits the curved edge shape. The 11 has a 15.5 cm long x 4.8 mm thick blade, while the 111 is 8.95cm x 4mm.

At the base of the spine is a plate. This can be used for a thumb rest or as an opening device.

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Handles are made of Grivory, (a fibreglass-reinforced, impact resistant plastic) which is lined with stainless steel for strength. The pivot point is adjustable for tension with a torx driver and there are what look like brass bushings between the blade and the liners. Clothing clips are included with two provided; my only gripe here was on the Rajah 11, which has no recess to help locate the clip. In use it continually worked loose so I removed it. There’s a lanyard hole at the rear, which is a pet love of mine, which will accept 550 paracord easily. Dimension-wise the Rajah 11 is 35.56cm overall and 13.4oz, the 111 is 21.3cm and 4.4oz.

What, Where?

Where do I feel they fit in? The Rajah 11 is ideal for hide building and bushcraft. It folds up smaller and safer than a machete and though not as long still proves very effective and is easy to carry. The Rajah 111 is strong enough for carcass prep and its small blade makes it an ideal skinner. Plus the synthetic handle is secure and hygienic. For both models let’s not forget the strong Tri-ad lock and aus8 stainless blade.

Two useful if unusual designs

Kukri-like but not Kukris

Innovative and top quality build makes the Rajah series worth a look

Cold steel Rajah 11 and 111, £120 SRP and £76 respectively

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  • Cold Steel Rajah Knives - image {image:count}

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  • Cold Steel Rajah Knives - image {image:count}

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