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Buck Hiline Folding Knife

Buck Hiline Folding Knife

Buck has done it again, with another great knife incorporating a cleavershaped blade joining their extensive range of tools. This blade type is strong and is perfect for cutting, slicing and chopping. Incorporating this durable and stubby type of blade into a folder gives you a really compact and useful knife at just 4.4” long when closed. The blade is 3.25” long and made of D2 steel, which has high wear and abrasion resistance properties. A ‘stonewashed’ finish gives it a nice grey, nonreflective appearance.

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Ball bearings, combined with a blade flipper, provide extremely smooth and easy opening. Buck’s frame lock, their own version of the liner system, provides a secure engagement and easy one-handed opening and closing. The knife is extremely strong and you can really give it some stick without it flexing or slipping out of lock, making it a very safe tool to use.

The handle is grey anodized aluminium with a G10 inlay and features titanium-coated fasteners, which all add up to a very lightweight, yet strong build. The HiLine weighs just 4oz and features a high-quality stainless steel pocket clip.

If you have not considered a cleavershaped blade before, they are definitely worth a look. The absence of a point does not detract from this very strong and practical tool and with Buck providing excellent warranty cover on all of their knives, they are a sound investment.

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  • Name: Buck HiLine folding knife
  • Price: £62.95
  • Contact: Whitby & co. Ltd - www.whitbyandco.co.uk


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