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Spyderco Zoomer

Spyderco Zoomer

Designed by a Dutch guy called Tom Zoomer – an outdoor enthusiast and survival skills instructor – his design features a broad, drop-point blade, using Crucible® CPM® 20CV particle metallurgy, stainless steel. This alloy mix contains a high volume of vanadium carbides and chromium of any similar steel available. This mix of elements ensures high wear and superior corrosion resistance properties and impressive impact toughness, ideal criteria for a jack of all trades discipline. The wedgeshaped, Japanese Hamaguri (convex) grind makes for one tough and wicked sharp design.

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Like the best field knives the build is one-piece, with a full tang that ends in a protected lanyard hole that protrudes about 1/8-icnhes from the pommel, which can be used as a hammer if required. Different is the handle, as their original Bushcraft used a two-piece G10 build riveted through. G10 is used but in a more subtle and for that matter practical manner. If you look carefully, what looks like a one-piece moulding is actually two perfectly matched scales that are bonded in position. This is extended along the top and covers the first inch of blade to act as a thumb support; certainly different from the jimping that we see on spines for the same purpose. Measured from tip to curved guard, the blade is 5 1/8-inches long with a 5.5-inch cutting edge.

Now, to what is always my most critical area: the sheath. The Zoomer’s is leather and a massive, blocky shape, beautifully made and finished, it engulfs the knife to halfway up its handle, so retention is not a problem until it starts to wear in and expand. The knife comes in a padded zipper case.

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  • Name: Spyderco Zoomer PIN FB42GP
  • Price: £502
  • Contact: Edgar Brothers Ltd: edgarbrothers.com