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Boker Plus Tech Tool 1 (HH edition)

You have to admire a firm that really cares about what it does and its customers. Heinnie Haynes is such a company, they have teamed up with the quality knife maker Boker to have their own edition of the ‘Tech Tool 1’ UK legal carry, non-locking knife.

To start with, the Boker Plus Tech Tool 1 is in itself a perfect UK everyday carry pocketknife. They already make the knife in two versions- the ‘City’ and the ‘Outdoor’ versions (As well as a more expensive carbon fibre one). The only difference is the colour of the G10 handle scales, the ‘City’ has black and the ‘Outdoor’ has green. What they all have is a non-locking 71mm blade made of 12C27 stainless steel, which is a good edge holder.

For carrying purposes, they have a reversible pocket clip. I love the clip even more, as it has a lanyard hole; I find the combination of a clip and lanyard ideal, as the clip holds it in place in my pocket and the lanyard makes getting the knife out a doddle. I also like the fact that it has a glass breaking tool, I do a lot of driving and have seen a few accidents. Both for that and at home in emergencies, for me it’s a very nice additional feature to have. Most folders with a glass breaker are the full locking type, so are not legal to carry in the UK. The glass-breaking tip is not too pointy as to spoil the EDC.

Gentleman’s Pocketknife

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The slip joint is ‘stiffish, as you would expect but blade play is minimal and the drop point shape is a very good all-rounder, just as an EDC blade should be. There is a nail nick in the left hand side of the 12C27 blade to aid two-handed opening. The Tech Tool 1 is held together with Torx T6 screws, so you can strip it for cleaning if you so wish. It really has the feel of a ‘Gentleman’s knife’, with its slender blade and thin handle. If you want to make it even more of a ‘Gentleman’s EDC’ then you remove the pocket clip altogether.

The Heinnie Haynes edition has red G10 handle scales to match their logo and the blade is etched with their ‘H’ symbol on the right hand side. Not only that but they are a limited edition of 600; the serial number is on the base of the blade. The red colour is very cool looking; also to me it makes the knife even more nonthreatening.

The G10 red scales have a grippy texture to them and are not glass smooth, which is good for a knife. If you do happen to drop it, the bold red is more visible. If you do lose it you will be very, very upset to lose such a useful, cool knife BUT not crying like a baby over the £20 cost. I really cannot find anything not to like about this knife, I had to get this review done in double quick time to make sure it got published before it sells out, snap them up while you can! The UK is lucky indeed to have a company called Heinnie Haynes.
Many thanks again to Bruce and Ben at HH.

PRICE: £19.95
CONTACT: Heinnie Haynes, www.heinnie.com

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  • Name: Boker Plus Tech Tool 1 (HH edition)
  • Type: Folder
  • Locking blade: No
  • UK legal carry: Yes
  • Length, open: 167mm
  • Length, closed: 95mm
  • Blade length: 71mm
  • Blade thickness: 2.3mm
  • Weight: 0.058kg
  • Blade material: 12C27 Stainless steel
  • Features: Reversible pocket clip
  • Handle material: G10