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Bushwear Bush Knife

This one of my favourite stalking items, not because it’s the cheapest, although I have to admit that’s one reason, but it’s because it is so useful. A knife is an essential item for any stalker but it`s important these days for hygiene reasons not only to have a sharp edge but also the ability to clean the knife effectively.

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The Bush knife from BushWear is a fixed bladed staking cum all-rounder cutting tool. The blade is 4 inches in length with a solid width to the spine, making it suitable for cutting through pelage, meat and even the rib cage. Its 420 Stainless steel construction makes it very resistant to rusting and staining from blood. Importantly it takes a good edge and remains sharp without the need to re-sharpen, usually 3-4 Roe deer worth.

The handle is a very tactile rubber moulding with chequered surface that really grips the hand even when working in the chest cavity with all its “slippery” contents. Just as good is the plastic sheath that tightly grips the knife and has a drain hole at its base to vent water and the top is slotted to fit a belt easily.

Finally both knife handle and sheath are bright orange, so you will never lose it, which is actually easier than you might think with a normal knife. Best of all is the unbelievable price – just £4.99! This is excellent value for money and in reality you may never need to re-sharpen it as its cheap enough to buy another. I have at least five at any one time, rotating them between sharpening. Contact BushWear 0845 2260469 or visit their website at www.bushwear.co.uk