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Casstrom Carving Knives

Casstrom Carving Knives

There’s something strangely therapeutic about whittling a piece of wood. Whether it’s trying to carve a whole new chess set, fashion a unique ornament that’ll make you the envy of all your friends, or turn an old twig or small branch into a temporary spike or a pile of wood chips, carving a piece of discarded timber allows your mind to wander away into quiet contemplation. Whatever the reasons, like all jobs worth doing, whittling a piece of wood can be made all the more interesting and rewarding if you’re using the correct tools. Enter Finnish equipment specialists, Casstrom, who’ve designed and had manufactured their very own range of Carvers, these knives conceived, produced and presented to the levels of quality Casstrom buyers have now rightfully come to expect.

Choice of Blade Length

The straight blade version is available with either a 5cm or 8cm hollow ground carbon steel and highly polished filletstyle blade that culminates in a fine point. Complete with a 3mm thick and fully profiled tanned leather sheath, heavily bolstered around the top, along with substantial stitching, robust belt loop and sturdy brass rivets, the knife held safely in place by friction. Exactly 190cm in overall length, the narrow, full tang blade is fitted to what’s described as a nicely rounded, hand filling dark wood handle, the balance centring in the user’s hand.

Equally, the 5cm righthanded Crook, the curved blade tapering from 15mm to 5mm, the hollow grinding reserved for the rear of the rounded point blade. With the sharpened edge on just one side and set for, as the name suggests, a right-hander, those of the alternative dexterous persuasion can order the left-handed version should they so wish.

Like its straight bladed counterpart, the Crook’s full-tang, heavily polished carbon steel blade fits neatly once again into a rounded, chubby dark wood handle, a simple steel ferule protecting the joint. Slightly shorter overall at 170mm, the Crook comes complete with not so much a sheath but instead a thick protective tanned leather cover, the cut, stitching and strong brass press stud promoting the cover’s curved shape.

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The lack of a quillon on either knife means control of, and pressure on, the blade can be controlled easily. By holding just the handle, a deep, bold slicing action can be applied to your chosen piece of wood. But move your thumb forward and press on either the ferule or top of the actual blade and far more delicate, restrained cutting strokes can be applied. Equally the Crook, bold moves giving the user a spoke shave like result but back off the pressure and adopt a lighter, more precise style and curves, bark shaving or cutting around protrusions, such as knots, are achieved with ease.


Matched Pair

Nice to own individually but better as a pair, these Casstrom knives are more than likely to tempt the average hacker into taking more time or actually trying to realise a recognisable end-result. And if you think about it, apart from your evening meal and keeping the fire burning, carving wooden models is more or less at the top of the entertainment charts if you’re occupying a hunting cabin deep in the heart of Scandinavian woodland. Like all quality knives and tools, there’s something reassuring when you hold them, each knife’s tactile presence and feel as rewarding as the actual ownership. And should all else fail, the 8cm Carver will make for a more than competent skinner and subtle, small animal hunting knife but you must remember there are no thumb or finger guards.

Should the old countryman’s urge to whittle a piece of wood get the better of you, the 8cm Carver will shave £33.95 off your bank account whilst an additional £28.95 will get you the Crook.

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