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CRKT Liong Mah

CRKT Liong Mah

I have another UK legal carry knife for you this month, but it’s something really, really special. The CRKT (Columbia River Knife and Tool company) #5 is a design by the New York-based knife maker Liong Mah. I have the Journeyer CRKT UK legal knife designed by him and this knife is actually based upon the older 6521 model preceding the Journeyer.

It is a folding knife with a 70mm long blade and is non locking. The slip joint system is housed within the handle scales. I love the shape of the blade, it’s almost a pure spear point. It has a 5.9mm wide, 35.5mm long recessed slot machined into both side of the blade as an aid to opening the knife, Liong steered away from a thumb stud, as even these are banned for EDC knives in certain countries.

Getting into the specification of the knife, rather than overall design, the blade is 8CR13MoV, a good value for money stainless steel, it comes shaving sharp out of the box. It is easy to open one-handed with the thumb, I also like the fact that it has a 90-degree stop during the opening process, it just makes the knife safer, the same thing also comes into play when shutting the knife. Once open, the index finger sits in a finger groove, which has an extended guard element, so there is no chance of the blade shutting on fingers. The blade shape is very useful for everyday tasks and shuts with a satisfying clunk and extended guard stays within the handle. The long steel pocket clip is 60mm long, very useful in the real world for carry in trouser or jean pockets. It is held in place with a single Torx 6 screw, it has two positions available, either side on the rear end of the knife, so it can only be carried tip up.

Lanyard ahoy!

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What I love about this knife is that it already comes with a paracord lanyard tied through the rear of the knife. It’s a black two knot lanyard, they call it a tether/fob not a lanyard but the use is the same. It allows the user to quickly pull the knife out their pocket and hangs down on the outside of the pocket. They use a diamond knot on the end, making a neat ball end. I would have used a red paracord to match the red G10 handle, but I’m not complaining as just to fit one at the factory is a major leap forward. Not everyone does their own paracord lanyards, I will change it out for a longer red one with a lanyard bead from Heinnie Haynes, they have loads of cool ones to choose from. The surface of the G10 has a texture to it for grip; I love the colour too; it gives it a non-threatening look to the general public.

The CRKT Liong Mah folder has a legendary status in the UK as a legal carry knife. HH also have the #5 6520 model available with a black handle for £47.95. The limited edition Heinnie Haynes #5 is only £24.95, yet another reason to own one. HH prove yet again they are a firm at the top of their game.

Thanks to Bruce and Richard at Heinnie Haynes for their assistance with this article.



The above knife is a special from Hennie Haynes, the UK importer of CRKT knives is Range Right. www.range-right.co.uk

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  • CRKT Liong Mah - image {image:count}

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  • Maker: CRKT
  • Designer: Liong Mah
  • Model: #5 CR6520R
  • Limited edition: Yes
  • Type: Folder
  • Locking: No
  • UK legal carry: Yes
  • Overall length open: 165mm
  • Overall length closed: 95mm
  • Blade length: 70mm
  • Blade thickness: 4mm
  • Weight: 121g
  • Blade material: 8CR13MoV Stainless Steel
  • Features: Reversible pocket clip
  • Handle material: G10
  • Price: RRP £24.95
  • Contact: Hennie Haynes. www.heinnie.com


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