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Havalon Baracuta Edge

Havalon Baracuta Edge

A knife is only as good as its edge and keeping it sharp always requires some regular care and maintenance. A damaged edge is also hard to make-good and sometimes it just cannot be brought back into service no matter how many hours you put into it.

The Havalon range of knives addresses both of these issues by utilising a replaceable blade system so that whenever the blade is blunt or damaged you simply remove it and clip in a new one. While this particular feature might not be unique to Havalon, the quality of the rest of the knife; the handle, locking system etc. certainly makes it stand out amongst the competition.

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The handle on the Baracuta is really well-shaped and made of a military grade polymer with orange rubber inserts, making it super strong, very easy to grip and easy to find thanks to the bright orange panels. The knife is a folder with ambidextrous thumb studs and a linerlocking system which locks very firmly and is easy to close when required. All of the parts are well made and matched so there are no gaps for dirt to collect. The knife is easy to clean and even in a salt-water environment there is no sign of corrosion.

Stay sharp!

The knife comes with a nylon belt pouch and six spare surgically sharp filleting blades which are very quick and easy to install. With the blades being so sharp you do have to pay attention to what you are doing and follow the instructions for changing the blade closely. Once fitted the blades are very securely held in place with no play at all in the retaining system. The sharpness of the blades is truly impressive, slicing through pork rind like it wasn’t there and filleting fish perfectly. As well as the filleting blades you can get both drop point blades and serrated saw blades for this knife making it even more flexible. The shape of the handle sits really well in your hand and boning out fish or meat is made really easy with the Baracuta.

The knife is really well-made, and the sharpness of the blade is very impressive. Even after a lot of use the original blade is still sharp so durability is also good, and you are not going to be replacing it every five minutes. The knife is ideal to carry along on stalking or fishing trips, in addition to a general purpose hunting type knife, as it is a purpose made knife for filleting or boning and it does both jobs perfectly.


If this knife does have a downside it is this; having ‘lent’ it to my dad to take sea fishing it is so good that he won’t give it back, he is that impressed with the sharpness and ease of use!

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  • Name: Havalon Baracuta Edge
  • Blade length: 12.7cm
  • Overall length: 27.9cm
  • Price: £62.95
  • Contact: STS (North Wales) Ltd. sportingcutlery.co.uk


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