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Miguel Nieto Olive Wood Fixed Blade Knife

Miguel Nieto Olive Wood Fixed Blade Knife

Spanish steel has a longestablished history, becoming the steel of choice of the Roman Empire and outperforming the Damascus steel of the time. The metal in question became known as Toledo steel and remains popular still today.

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Miguel Nieto have been producing quality knives in Toledo since 1957 and they use a AN-58 steel hardened to 58-60HRC to give an extremely durable blade. Their knives are made using quality materials and a high level of craftsmanship is immediately apparent as soon as you pick one up. We are not talking in the same league as hand-crafted, one-of-akind knives, these are factory made items, but they are unquestionably quality products.

The Miguel Nieto olive wood fixed blade knife has olive wood handles (obviously!) and is supplied pre-sharpened and with a very good quality leather sheath. The five-inch-long blade is black, except the sharpened edge where the steel is visible; there is no guard, just a broadening of the handle where it meets the blade. The straight back blade retains its full thickness almost all the way to the tip, making it very strong. The handle is an alloy frame with olive wood inserts and the fit between materials is spot on.


This product demonstrate that Spanish steel is still up there with the best. Miguel Nieto are combining traditional skills with quality materials and modern designs to produce high quality knives that are both functional and well presented. Knifewarehouse carry a full range of Miguel Nieto knives and they are very reasonably priced.

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  • Names: Miguel Nieto Olive Wood fixed blade knife
  • Price: £39.99
  • Contact: Knife Warehouse. knifewarehouse.co.uk