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Mora Kansbol Knife

Mora Kansbol Knife

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Mora’s new Kansbol knife is an advanced design, combining a lightweight yet robust build, with simplicity and practicality. This typical Scandawegian design shows a slim 2.5mm wide drop point blade made from top grade Swedish 12C27 stainless steel with a ¾-tang design and a 4.25” working length. The flat ground edge is heavily angled, so makes sharpening easy, as you just lay the stone on it; always a bonus! Unusually, the front section of the blade is slimmer than the rear, which should make finer tasks, like skinning and filleting, easier. The spine is ground, so it offers a good striking surface for a fire starter stick too. The green handle uses a durable and robust polypropylene centre combined with an outer shell in TPU, a rubbery polymer that offers a firm, non-slip grip. There’s a lanyard hole at the rear and the general shape and texture offers a decent grip that will not shift in your hand, even if wet or covered in blood. Weighing in at 4.7 oz and 8.8” long, this is a most practical design that will not break the bank and ideal for any form of game preparation, from rabbits to red deer. Typically, the sheath is a ¾-legth bucket-type that envelopes the blade and 2/3rds of the handle, so offering a secure and safe carry with its internal friction button. There are drain holes in the base and a removable, slide-on hanging socket that offers both a belt loop hanger and also has a button slot, so it can be attached in that fashion too!

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  • Price: £40
  • Contact: cotswoldoutdoor.com moraofsweden.se


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