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Ruike Hornet F815 Fixed Blade Knife

Ruike Hornet F815 Fixed Blade Knife

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The Ruike Hornet measures 7.48-inches long with a Sandvik 14C28N blade length of 3.35-inches and weighs 3.7oz. The stainless steel flat ground drop point blade is designed to give maximum point control and retain a large cutting edge. The relevance and specific importance of this ‘grade’ of steel is it has a very high-level of resistance to corrosion, inherent elevated strength, plus the blade retains its ‘edge’ for a much longer period. Also, the enhanced blade thickness (0.14-inches) provides greater durability and capability compared to certain knives of this ilk, making this is a very tough, not to mention useful field companion. The skeleton handled ‘half-tang’ Hornet features a hollowed G10 textured surface handle.

In use

In use, the knife balances perfectly and the lack of weight makes it a joy to use and the tough ABS sheath’s backplate features a patented rotating belt mount system, a design which gives a full 360-degree carrying angle of adjustment. However, due to the mech working on a cam-lock system, it has nine preset positions, including of course holding the knife normally at the vertical (handleup) position. So, from here you have eight angles off the vertical it can be positioned to for ease of access to suit your preference, whether you affix the sheath to your left or right side.

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  • Name: The Ruike Hornet F815 Fixed Blade Knife
  • Handle colours: Black or Orange
  • Price: SRP £54.95
  • Contact: My Fenix (The Photon Shop) www.myfenix.co.uk


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