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Spyderco Titanium Military Fluted C36TIFP

Spyderco Titanium Military Fluted C36TIFP

Spyderco’s original Military folder was conceived as an everyday work knife for service personal as a tool. It must also be their most prolific design in terms of options.

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Upmarket is the latest version the Titanium Military Fluted. The 4”, plain edge, spear point blade is made of CPM S30V steel, with the signature hump, large opening hole and jimped surface at the rear. The handle shape remains with its waisted front and rear sections with palm bulge in the middle, along with the single position clothing clip. However the liner locking system is now an integral lever machined out of the right hand scale.

It also moves away from their traditional synthetic G10 handles with elegant, silver/grey titanium scales, with an attractive, rippled sea shell type pattern of tapering lines. Given the no nonsense field folder concept of the Military, the Titanium has an attractive almost luxuriant air about it that separates it from its more work-a-day siblings. However, it still follows the same design ethos that has kept it in the Spyderco catalogue for many years, as it’s tough and does what it says on the tin!

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  • Name: Spyderco Titanium Military Fluted – C36TIFP
  • Price: £459 inc VAT
  • Contact: Spyderco is distributed by Edgar Brothers Ltd, 01625 616177 Retail Heinnie Haynes; www.heinnie.com