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Spyderco Urban LWT Leaf P’Edge

Spyderco Urban LWT Leaf P’Edge

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The law says that to be in a public place, a folding knife must be a non-locking with a blade less than 3” long; oh yes, you must have good reason, which is very important. That aside, many companies have addressed this very British issue and although the locking folder seems to be in vogue, there’s nowt wrong with a decent slip-joint, that’s penknife in our speak. Spyderco is, without doubt, one of the most innovative knife companies and their little Urban LWT Leaf P’Edge Blk FRN ideally fits this bill. The leaf-shaped blade is 2.61” long and made from Bohler-UddeholmN690Co steel and, although non-locking, the slip-joint mechanism is exceptionally strong. So, it’s unlikely it will fold up in use, with its hesitation position, that it stops at before being pushed in again past what feels like a hump. Being a Clipit/slipit style, there’s the signature thumb-opening hole at the rear, with a sloped and jimped section behind for added thumb purchase. The black handle is made from textured, fibreglass re-enforced nylon (FRN) and, although small, fits the hand nicely, with its forward finger choil locking it in securely. Finally, there’s a wire clothing clip, so that it can be carried securely in a pocket etc., which can be positioned on either side that offers the more practical, tip-up position when folded. With Spyderco’s policy of international manufacture, this model is made at Maniago in Italy.

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  • Price: £78.00
  • Contact: Edgar Brothers Ltd; shootingsports. edgarbrothers.com