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Spyderco FB19 Dayhiker

Spyderco FB19 Dayhiker

Though Spyderco’s initial claim to fame is folding knives, they also have a number of fixed blade options. One of my favourites is the Bill Moran Drop Point, which is a great little hunter and an unashamedly hi-tech design. In 2007 they launched the Jerry Hossom FIXED BLADE (FB) series with four models that are identical in build and materials but differ in size. I tested the FB18 Woodlander, which with its 6 ¼” blade and 14.7 oz was no waif. The idea was a big and tough utility knife that could handle all manner of cutting tasks.

Though nicely made and more than able they are just too big for what we do in the UK. However, the smallest - the FB19 Dayhiker - looked to have promise, so I got one in.


The FB series are made in Italy, which is a bit of a departure for Spyderco. The build goes for a one-piece (full-tang) layout in N690Co stainless; the handles are green micarta and screwed on. The shape here shows a lower guard and rear stop with lanyard hole and a reasonably deep/curved belly.

The blade is 4 ¾” long with a deep/curved shape, flat-ground it shows a plain edge and rounded spine. In front of the guard is a finger choil and on top is a low hump with cross slots (jimping) that gives a thumb support position.

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First Impressions

The length of 10 ½” and weight of 7.6 oz might make the Dayhiker a bit big for some; however I quite like this size. The grip locks into the hand nicely but I found it a bit slim, which combined with the smooth Micarta scales, did not do a lot for hold. Though I have found this material tends to lose its shine after bit of use, which improves its adhesion abilities. The larger Woodlander shows much wider scales that fill the hand well and certainly improve feel and function.

Grip aside the Dayhiker is easy to use edge up or down, and the ability to choke up on the blade using the choil and jimping is useful. The deep/curved blade with its plain, down swept tip area makes opening up deer very easy with few worries about accidently slitting the stomach. The tip however is not that pointed, so not ideal for cutting in around the anus to free the waste tubes; certainly not on smaller species.


Spyderco have stuck with wide, polymer (Bolatron) sheath and have simplified the rather complicated, TEK LOK, QD belt attachment system to a more practical G-Clip. This can be slipped over or threaded through a belt and like before offers multiple carry positions by being able to change the angle it sits at. Retention is by a shaped mouth that springs over the guard, simple and effective as there’s nothing to undo, but I’d put a cord retaining strap around the handle just to be sure.

Generally a good design though perhaps not the first choice for a true deer knife, which I don’t feel was ever its primary function. My only real issue is the lack of girth of the handle.

PRICE: £162.49

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