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Spyderco Folding Puukko

Spyderco Folding Puukko

You may recall I tested Spyderco’s take on the traditional Finnish Puukko knife (FB28WD) in February and found it to be a versatile design, which is exactly why it exists as it can be used for just about anything. Beautifully made with an iron wood handle it offers a 3.3” blade made of CPM S30V steel with a basic, flat grind that means it easy to sharpen. The top has a slight false/angled edge, which gives it a flat diamond shape in section. The overall length of 7.8” shows an obvious handle to blade bias, which works very well.

It comes in a traditional, leather, 2/3rds bucket-type sheath with belt loop and hanger, the only problem is it’s too pretty! I have been using mine for hunting and the handle is looking a bit foxed, so I was pleased to see that Spyderco has launched a second version with a brown, G10 composite handle. The FB28GBN is identical apart from being a tad heavier at 4.9 oz compared to the wood at 3.8oz and is a lot more resistant to blood etc.


Doubtless an anathema to any self-respecting Finn is Spyderco’s folding version - the C164GBN Nilakka - as the Puukko concept pre-dates folders. The blade shape is similar though a tad longer at 3.5” as is the total length of 8.13” and now weighing 5oz. Made from CPM S30V stainless steel, the blade features full-flat-ground bevels that flow smoothly into a zero-ground cutting edge. This Scandie grind allows easy sharpening and efficient cutting!

The build offers a semi-open, stainless inner frame with a liner lock. Spyderco puts a small thumb-opening hole in the blade with a corresponding cut-out in the handle. Operation is fast and smooth! The scales are G10 as in the FB28GBN and follows the tear drop cross section though with flats and angles as opposed to curves. At the rear right is a stainless clothing clip that gives a tip-up (folded) carry, which positions it nicely for easy deployment!


Unlike the Puukko the Nilakka’s blade tapers in width to a very fine point, meaning the tip could be a little fragile so be aware! In the hand the angular shape is secure but a bit hard; equally the various edges of the inner frame catch the skin. A little bevelling on all metal edges would cure this!

Despite this I rather like the audacity of the design, probably because I like the Puukko and having a companion folder sort of completes the set! There’s little doubt in my mind that the Nilakka will be an acquired taste and certainly not for everyone.

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Spyderco Puukko FB28GBN
Blade: fixed 3.3”
Handle: brown G10
Price: £216.95
Spyderco Nilakka C164GBN
Blade: folding 3.5”
Locking: liner
Handle: Brown G10
Price: £193.95
Heinnie Haynes (retail)
033 0300 0400, www.heinnie.com
Edgar Brothers Ltd (trade)
01625 613177, www.spyderco.com


Simple, practical and effective

Not a lot

The G10 handle makes it a better field option


The only folding Puukko

Tip very slim

Different yet nice

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