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Gerber Balance Multi Tool

Gerber Balance Multi Tool

Gerber have brought us some unique design multi-tools over the years. Some are still going strong while others consigned to the ‘no longer available’ list. The Steady has to be their most left of field offering as it’s fully featured yet includes a tripod for a compact digital camera or mobile phone.

They say: “designed with the weekend adventurer, or camper in mind, the Gerber Steady combines the utility of a multi-tool and the unique functionality of a camera mini-tripod, perfect to have on standby when you want to capture those memorable moments.” OK!  It comes with an adjustable, screw-in camera/phone mount with two integral legs that serve to make up the tripod. The rest of the tool is all you will might expect and though quirky is none the less attractive.


Don’t be discouraged by the uniqueness of the removable ‘holder’ as it has some very useful more conventional features. There’s a 2 ¾” fine/serrated edge modified clip point blade, 1 3/8” straight fine edge drop point blade, micro flat square cross and medium flat screwdrivers, bottle opener, while the needlenose pliers and wire cutters are revealed once you open the butterfly design.

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It has a closed length of 4” and overall of 6” and weighs 5.8oz. On first inspection there does seem to be a lot of ‘plastic’ covering of handles and framework these actually give a comfortable feel and hold. But beneath these green and grey cosmetics lies a 420J2 stainless steel frame with all components being manufactured from a similar grade material. The main blades are opened by thumbholes, thumb nicks or lugs.


I must admit it’s difficult to assess the worth of the Steady, other than to say it will or won’t appeal. The reason is the tripod feature as you will either hate it or see it has some uses. Two that strike me are a handy camera base as we all know what a pain it is trying to take a picture of yourself posing next to the quarry. Or if you have an android-type phone with a ballistics package, it offers a support for using the data it offers.

The tripod is made up of two hinged legs that fold out from the handle, with the third being the handle itself. It stands 5” high to the top of the green suction cup. Place this on the back of your ‘digi’ or i-phone and draw down the small lever at the rear to lock it on. It holds a small digital compact very securely.

The more I used it the more I came to like the Steady Tool. Maybe because of its sheer individuality, cosmetic appeal and that handy tripod function. Ok you got me, I found uses for it on more than one occasion!

RRP £79.99 including sheath with adjustable belt loop

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  • Gerber Balance Multi Tool - image {image:count}

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