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Gerber Grappler Multi-tool

Gerber Grappler Multi-tool

The Grappler is a useful tool, with its stainless steel, matte stain finish it measures 4 7/8” closed and 6 5/8” extended. I say ‘extended’ as the plier function slides out using a single locking slide catch on the outer edge of the handle. The whole package is big and chunky and weighs a solid 10oz. Tool functions are located on the outside as the internal space is taken up by a linkage with a rotary collar that allows the pliers to be width-adjusted for locking/gripping around an object in the same way as a set of Mole or Vice Grips.

Twist and Squeeze

To adjust the jaw width to give a gripping lock, simply rotate the threaded collar between the handles. Like the aforementioned Moles you just place them around the object to be held, adjust and squeeze the handle together until they lock. This has a maximum jaw width of up to 5/8”, which is not too bad. To unlock and to use the plier head in the normal manner; set the width to approximately half way, pull both handles apart in a brisk motion which disengages the lock mechanism so they are free to act normally. You now have regular blunt nosed layout and V-type wire cutters at your disposal. Whatever width the pliers are locked and they can still be fully retracted into the Grappler’s handles where the slide catch when moved to the bottom, locks them securely together.

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Outside Out

The other tool functions are accessed from the outside of the handles and deploy downwards on heavy-duty pivot pins. All open single handily, thanks to thumb-assist bars and all have strong liner locks. In all there are four multi-function tools, two set per side.

There’s a nail puller with measure scale, 2 ¾” serrated/fine edge knife, coarse/fine file with its end tipped with a medium flat head screwdriver, also a wire stripper, pry bar and at the end of this is a medium cross head screwdriver. Having some tools offering more than one function is quite clever, as it saves on weight, but also mandatory due to the slide out plier head and its locking mechanism that takes up all the storage room in the handles. Like a lot of multi-tools, the build is a compromise to try and include as many functions as possible.

I like this tool due to its ingenuity. Though specialised in nature, hunters will certainly like the features the Gerber Grappler offers, while others will choose more conventional multi-tools.
It will certainly appeal to hunters who actively repair things and part time keepers who need to make repairs to fencing, traps, and pens. The package includes a heavy duty nylon sheath with wide belt loop.

FOR - Locking plier function adds to practically
AGAINST - Tool functions a little limited
VERDICT - Clever design if you have the need

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  • Gerber Grappler Multi-tool - image {image:count}

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  • Gerber Grappler Multi-tool - image {image:count}

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  • Gerber Grappler Multi-tool - image {image:count}

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  • Hi,
      This looks a very useful tool but where can I buy one? Gerber store don’t have them and neither does anyone else it seems.

    Default profile image
    Charles Burton
    12 Feb 2019 at 06:50 PM