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Havalon Evolve Multi-Tool

Havalon Evolve Multi-Tool

Havalon make great quality knives and this tool is made to a high standard. The body is metal with what looks like a powder coating and the other parts are polished steel. The tool is a pliers-based design and, in the pliers configuration, one of the handles is a lot longer than the other (due to the large carabiner attachment on the end) which allows you to get a really good grip and put a lot of pressure through the pliers.

The all-important tools

As well as the karabiner there is a pocket-clip on the back of the tool giving you additional carry options. The substantial and sharp gut-hook easily cuts through most types of cord. When cutting a lot of cord this is a safe option because you are not picking up and putting down an exposed blade or leaving one lying about. The sharp edge is safely on the inside of the hook and so presents no risk.

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A locking bit driver is provided which takes any standard ¼-inch bits and on the opposite side of the tool is one of the very clever parts; a storage rack which holds a further two bits. This means that you can load it with bits that you need for your gun or scope mounts and keep them safe within the tool. They are held really securely and will not fall out when the tool is being used.

The pliers have a wire cutter and a wire stripper built in and both work very well. The pliers themselves are blunt-nosed, rather than needle-nosed, and the grip surface is very deeply serrated and strong giving great grip on all sorts of materials.

The sharp bit

The blade incorporates Havalon’s quick-change fitment allowing you to change it or install a saw blade. The tool comes with a Stainless Steel blade fitted and several spares. The blade is reassuringly stiff to open, so isn’t going to swing open when you are using another part of the multitool, and once open it locks firmly, with a very secure lock liner mechanism.


The Evolve is a relatively light but strong multitool with some great features. Being able to customise a small set of hex bits to suit your needs, and with an interchangeable blade, it has all the features you need. Quality is great and the price is very competitive too.

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  • Name: Havalon Evolve Multi-Tool
  • Tools: Liner locking 7cm blade, Gut hook, Caribiner, Hex bit storage, Wire cutter/stripper, Pliers, locking bit driver
  • RRP: £102.95
  • Contact: STS (North Wales) Ltd: sportingcutlery.co.uk