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Leatherman Juice S2 Multi-tool

Leatherman Juice S2 Multi-tool

The choice of UK legal carry multi-tools is not great to be honest, not if you want it to have a cutting blade on it as well as the usual pliers etc. Any multi-tool with a locking blade is technically illegal to carry and there are a multitude of multi-tools with locking blades. If you hunt around however, there are some brilliant UK carry tools out there. My favorite is the Leatherman Juice S2, in Orange of course.

Leatherman, as we know, were one of the originators of multi-tools based upon pliers and they continue to develop really useful tools. The S2 is from 2014 and I would get one now while they are around; those top people at Heinnie Haynes is where I got mine from. It comes in Granite Grey if you prefer that colour, but I go for Orange, or in this case, Cinnabar Orange, so I can find my tools more easily, I work nights and this comes with me on those shifts. The Juice is not a massively big tool, hence it’s easy carry in any pocket, it’s only 82mm long and 31mm wide by 12mm thick.

Useful extras

It is a really useful, real-world, every day carry, it has 12 tools hidden in its compact folding shape. One side of the plier handle has an anodised aluminium scale on both sides and has a cat’s eye pattern on it to aid grip. ‘LEATHERMAN’ is etched into both of the side panels. When you open out the pliers, they have the semi needle nose ends, the wire cutter and stripper throat and the middle sharp jaws for really getting hold of stuff. The coloured scale handle side then has a full size Philips screwdriver head and a fold out loop to attach a split ring or lanyard (I fitted both!). The other plier handle side houses three differing sizes of flat blade screwdriver, small, medium and large.

In the closed position, the coloured side has the sharp lambs foot type 420HC knife blade, this is sharp out of the box and cuts very well, remember it is a non-locking blade. The other closed tool in the other plier handle is a pair of scissors, these are spring loaded and have 22mm long blades. It also has a bottle and combined can opening tool on the other end. The Juice S2 is a fantastic tool well worth the £82 price tag. You will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Many thanks again to Bruce and Richard at HH.


  • Type: Pocket multi-tool
  • Locking blade: No
  • UK legal carry: Yes
  • Overall length open: 131mm
  • Overall length closed: 83mm
  • Blade length: 58mm
  • Weight: 0.131kg
  • Blade material: 420 HC stainless steel
  • Features: Pliers, Philips screw driver, small, medium and large flat head screw drivers. Scissors, bottle opener, can opener. Knife blade.
  • Price: RRP £81.95
  • Contact: Hennie Haynes, www.heinnie.com


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