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Leatherman Skeletool™ CX

When I reviewed the Leatherman Skeletool™ I was impressed with how they had ‘lightened’ a butterfly-opening multi by ‘skeletonising’ the handles and keeping the tools down to the basics. Now I have the deluxe model, which shows more functions and a tougher finish and a few cosmetic flourishes. 

To recap – the CX is slightly heavier due to the handles, yet it’s still only a tad over 5oz and measures 4 1/8” in length in the closed position. The tool beneath the skin so to speak remains exactly the same. Though not as visible the butterfly opener (including the straight edge 2 ½” long knife it contains) have been cleverly lightened by using strategically positioned holes so as not to affect strength.

It’s manufactured from hardwearing aluminium and stainless steel and when opened you immediately have access to a set of needlenose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters and hard wire cutters. In the open position one side of the handle curves away, so the CX now affords a much more ‘assured’ and comfortable hold on this less barren grip.

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On the lower part of the bowed handle is a carabiner clip that when pushed open also reveals the bottle opener. Now I must mention here that this time around I noticed the removable pocket/belt clip set on one side, a feature I feel quite unnecessary on a multi-tool, but the carbineer clip is very handy when you need to keep it close while working, so can clip it onto a belt loop rather than place it onto the floor to be easily lost in the grass.

On the end of the other handle is a bit driver holding a double-sided two size cross head driver. The ‘CX’ utilises the same method for keeping the additional bits with a ‘friction fit’ holder set in the frame of the unit, again a praiseworthy feature.

Close the tool back up and you can safely use the one-handed opening, 420HC, liner locked blade. This easily thumbs out into the open position and on this model I found it to be much more comfortable to use, especially in the wet, due to the DLC tungsten coated handles. This also applies when using the pliers and even bit driver. So, is it worth the extra few quid?
Damn right it is… I was surprised at just how much easier it was to handle and use the CX over the standard, so it comes down to the fact that if you’re happy with bare bones basic, you know which one to choose, but the better option in my opinion is the one you’re looking at it here!

The Leatherman Skeletool™ CX costs £79.95 and comes with a Nylon Belt Pouch and Leatherman Lifetime Guarantee.