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Leatherman Surge

Leatherman Surge

Leatherman® have made their name in more recent times with famous multi-tools such as the Wave™ and Charge™ to name but two. However there’s an old timer on their roster that’s still in production and well worth a look. Called the Surge, it’s a robust, practical and no frills multi that deserves to step out from behind its more acclaimed ‘relatives.’

Pretty Butterfly

Manufactured from high grade stainless steel it’s a typical ‘butterfly’ opener, but one that has been designed with stronger jaws that deliver more force with less physical effort required. You can feel this in operation due in the main to its long and substantial handles. This feature alone allows for cutting heavier gauge wire and when used with the other tool functions provides a big and reassuring grip. In the closed position the Surge measures 4 ½” in length X 1 ½” at the widest position and just over ¾” thick.

In plier mode it measures 7” long and offers the following build/functions - needle nose, regular, standard, hard and stranded wire cutters and an electrical crimper. Like the more famous Leatherman Wave; tool functions are positioned on both the inside and outside of the handles, which adds to the overall practicality of the design.

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On the inside you have access to the 5/16” screwdriver, small & large bit drivers, awl and bottle opener. Once a tool is selected the handles fold together and offer a large and secure grip. All functions are lockable and on the outer edge just behind the hinge you’ll find the rocker that releases and returns them to their original positions.

Outside Edge

Exterior features, which can be accessed with the Surge closed, offer the following -  one hand opening 3” clip point knife, 2 ½” saw, generously sized scissors and a 3” long serrated knife blade. All tools lock solidly in position and all knife blades employ liner locks. There’s also a lanyard ring which personally I don’t see a great need for on multi-tools of this type.

Incidentally, a nice touch (no pun intended) is the ridged ABS tip on the outer handle of the scissors which does aid one-handed use. The Leatherman Surge is undoubtedly a useful addition to any hunter’s kit and I for one was particularly impressed by the amount of useful and practical features it holds.

Many more compact and ‘quirkily’ featured multi-tools have emerged since the launch of the Surge but there’s no doubt this is a multi with all major features required in the field and one with a long and fine pedigree.

To sum up: The Leatherman Surge is a practical powerhouse of a multi-tool that is robust and surprisingly well featured.

PRICE: £99.95p with leather pouch

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  • I can't speak for the guy that wrote this review, but I had a Leatherman Surge for a long while (and now a Charge) and I cannot fault either of them - apart from the fact that people keep 'borrowing' them - which is how I lost the Surge. Is there a particular problem with the Surge that you think the writer has missed?

    Default profile image
    Pat Farey
    26 Sep 2011 at 10:15 AM
  • Why do so many people label as "reviews" articles which are essentially rehashes of the manufacturer's advertising blurb? What does this tell us that we couldn't find out from Leatherman's website?

    If you're claiming to review a product, at least use the thing for a while and then report back on its strengths and weaknesses, or any flaws it has.

    Default profile image
    24 Sep 2011 at 09:51 AM
  • Lol

    Leatherman was never going to say 'its a pile of steel rubbish'.
    we all know they are great tools but to say 'the best tool ever made' is one fantastic claim.

    Default profile image
    Mark Butterley
    04 Nov 2010 at 12:09 PM
  • Well of course you're gonna' say that...

    Default profile image
    Pete Moore
    02 Jul 2010 at 03:51 PM
  • the best tool that ever exist!

    Default profile image
    02 Jul 2010 at 03:28 PM