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The Gerber Flik

The ‘flick of the wrist action’ for deploying a multi-tool was launched in Gerber’s first ever design back in 1991. They then went on to develop the first sprung-handled butterfly opener where all the smaller tools were easily accessible from the outside, so not requiring the pliers to be opened. So it was inevitable that these two features would eventually be combined.

The Gerber Flik has appeared in a few different guises over the years being one of the earliest models to function in this manner. Since then, the company has expanded and developed the concept by way of the amount of tools available and of course adding their famous patented Saf. T.Plus™ locking system. The latter ensuring that when a function is deployed it securely stays safely in place while in use.

Industrial Strength

The Gerber Flik (black) is a classic example of the concept featuring the one-handed opening plier action, with tools that can be accessed without opening the handles. This model includes some of the most useful functions and delivers industrial strength within a compact design meant for everyday use.

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Despite appearances it’s manufactured from a high grade of stainless steel and measures 4.4” closed and 5.8” with the pliers deployed. On offer are needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, saw blade, can opener, cross-head screw driver, a fine edge knife blade, scissors, small and medium flat head screw drivers, bottle opener, serrated edge knife and a lanyard attachment. All the bladed components range from 2 ¼” to 2 ¾” in length and are of a thumb open design.

The ‘flick of the wrist’ action opening allows the user to deploy the pliers with one hand. The way in which this can be done is to grasp the tool between thumb and forefinger at the sliding catches that are evident on the outer edges of the handles. Then you simply hold the tool with the head facing you and while depressing the catches ‘flick your wrist’ forward and the pliers slide out from the frame and lock in position.

Alternatively - and the way I prefer - is to simply hold as before but with the plier head facing upwards. Then simply depress the catches and ‘jog’ your hand down swiftly and the weight of the tool is sufficient to allow the pliers to easily slide up and out into position for use.

Inverting the tool and pressing in the catches allows the pliers to slide back into their stowed position. The Flik comes with a ballistic nylon sheath with belt loop and Gerber’s limited lifetime guarantee. In a sentence - the Gerber Flik is a chunky, well built and no-nonsense multi-tool that many hunters could make good use of.

The Gerber Flik (Black) costs £59.95 and is available from many gunshops and outdoor stores.