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Whitby Outdoor Survival/Camping Axe

Whitby Outdoor Survival/Camping Axe

The axe is not something you immediately associate with hunting but with more and more people taking up Bushcraft, and definitely camping, an axe is a tool of necessity.

Whitby has designed two different styles of an axe that share commonalities in build, but due to certain features, differ in terms of usage. Both use 3CR13 stainless steel blades with a black oxide finish, plus both have rubberised textured handles and nail removers.

Historically speaking

An axe is an ancient tool, with a rich history of uses including as a weapon and for hunting animals. In modern times, if you’re into camping, then you need to pack an axe. It can be used for tasks such as chopping wood for a campfire or setting up your tent. However, there’s a distinct difference between a hatchet and an axe and to be specifically correct, it’s a hatchet that a camper usually packs due to its more compact dimensions. An axe will have a much longer handle for heavier chopping and cutting tasks. However, both can generically be known as an axe, as is the case here, with the latest two launches from Whitby.

The small

The Whitby Outdoor Survival/ Camping Axe (3.75”) has a full tang blade and weighs 12oz. It has a 3.75” blade and has an overall length (top to the base of its grey and black rubberised textured handle) of 9.5”. It features multiple hex holes in the blade head itself. It balances superbly in the hand and feels secure in the grip, with the outer rubberised finish having deep vertical ridging. It’s surprisingly light, very easy to use and is a must in any outdoorsman’s pack.

The large

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The Whitby Outdoor Survival/ Camping Axe (3.5”) weighs 13.75oz and features a 3.5” blade. The length from top to base of the green/ black textured handle is 13” overall. At the rear of the head are a spike and scraper blade, while in the forward blade section is a multiple hex wrench.

The handle on this model has a 4.75” run of a rubberised outer with a chain link finish that further aids grip. Plus, above that is approximately 7” of toughened ABS. Due to the length, it can be used twohanded for hard use while still retaining enough balance to be used one-handed, with the textured, rubberised section giving you a firm hold in all weather conditions.


Which model to choose is obviously going to be down to personal choice and which one meets the user’s requirements. Both are light, strong, of a practical design and are well priced. In relation to weight, the smaller model is more useful as the head weight of the longer model doesn’t inherently give you more heft for heavy-duty chopping.

I doubt the true value of the hex holes and hex wrench in the field, yet both could prove handy around the workshop. Both have lanyard holes in the base area of the handles and come with high-quality black woven sheaths with belt loops.


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  • Name: Whitby 3.75” and 3.5” Outdoor Survival/Camping Axes
  • Price: £17.95 & £19.95, respectively
  • Contact: Whitby & Co - www.whitbyandco.co.uk