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Jack Pyke LLCS camo system

Jack Pyke LLCS camo system

The LLCS range of clothing builds up to offer the hunter a complete concealment system. Items such as gloves, balaclava and hat are optional and near essential extras; with the core garment being a two-piece mesh suit, similar in principle to the Ghillie suit. Also available is a ‘leaf strips’ set for camoing up your rifle. Offered in their own-design English Oak camo pattern, which is not a half bad design, the LLCS has the making of a good hunting suit.

Mesh For Success

English Oak utilises a darker branch and lighter brown leaf effect, while the ‘light-leaf’ design uses subtle tones of green and dark brown to ochre. All garments in the range are made of a lightweight mesh combined with precision-cut, nylon leaves (loose leaves) over the top to give that essential 3-D effect. This is achieved by overlaying and integrating them into the material so they hang free from the clothing they are attached to.

This is exactly why the system works so well; as not only is the camo pattern effective, but the light-leaf build disrupts the ‘hard outline’ of the human form. Plus the 3-D effect gives true depth and contrasting light and shadow effect when it’s viewed.

The mesh suit comprises of simple trouser and a pullover smock with hood. The trousers have an elasticated waistband and draw cord, while the ankle are elasticated but not overly tight so they trousers can easily be pulled on over boots. The smock has elasticated cuffs and lower hem to prevent riding up and the big hood has a draw cord fastening. Both items are cut very loose as befits this type of lightweight over wear.

Light and Tactile

I was a tad dubious about the gloves as often this sort of build tends to hinder trigger control etc. I’m glad to say they don’t in the slightest. The light-leaf cut is on the backs only with the palms having a slightly raised dot grip. They are so light and tactile that for once I didn’t feel the need to cut the tip of the trigger finger. The long, stretch fit cuffs offer an ideal amount of camo material to meet up and go under or over the arms of the smock. At this point I must mention that I really began to notice just how effective the design is at breaking up an outline. It was now obvious that I was beginning to look like something from the swamp!

story continues below...

The Balaclava is good and long so can be tucked into the smock to conceal any white that might show at the neck area. The design is practical as some of the squarer cut face veils can ride up while looking around and inadvertently expose white flesh. There’s a draw cord so it can be tensioned at the rear by a plastic toggle lock to suit. It can be worn open face (showing your eyes) but as this system is designed to completely conceal you, I recommend you make use of the integral, drop down, mesh face cover. So while quarry can’t see the white of your eyes you have no trouble seeing out.

The finishing touch is the baseball cap. Some may not think this is needed such is the level of concealment offered, but it is. As it offers extra protection from the elements and naturally acts as a sunshade, plus being of the same light leaf build gives the 100% camo/break-up effect. The peak is actually quite short, so no worries of it hitting the eyepiece of the scope. Typically it’s one size fits all.

Gun Camo

Now to the English Oak Leaves X5 gun camo. These come in packs of five, separate, light-leaf strips, each measuring approximately 13 ½” long. This is the same principle as military snipers use to conceal their rifles but usually with heavy strips of burlap or hessian (that match the colours/pattern of their Ghillie suits) which have the disadvantage of sucking in water and gaining weight as it gets wet!  The Jack Pyke system uses a synthetic material so that can’t happen, plus it matches the rest of the LLCS suit to offer the full package of hunter and rifle camouflage. The strips are short and light, which does give them certain advantages but it does take time and patience to apply them properly. However, they are a better concealment solution than having your gun dipped or painted as they can be removed/changed as you like…

They simply wrap around the rifle - or parts there of - and can be secured by tape or elastic bands. If you like you can glue strips together to make longer runs for wrapping around longer barrels or just to use less securing material. Also you don’t need 100% coverage as the butt section is largely going to be concealed by your body, so concentrate on wrapping and attaching the ‘leaves’ to the bits that stick out and can be seen.

Close Enough

I’d say most airgun hunters getting close and ambushing quarry will be concealed sufficiently if they use these to disguise the ‘hard outline’ of the rifle back to the magazine loading area and over and around the scope. When you don’t want to use the leaf strips you can easily take it off, just like the clothing.

In my opinion, as a total camo system the LLCS range is a clever and cost effective way of fully concealing yourself without using a hide. Ideal for certain ambushing situations when you might want to change positions as the session progresses. Build quality is of a high standard and all garments are light and comfortable to wear.

Name: LLCS (Light Leaf Concealment System)
Price: Ghillie Suit £89.95p sizes M/L & XL/XXL, One size fits all - Gloves £14.95p, Balaclava £14.95p, Baseball Hat £9.95p and 5 X Leaf Strips £4.75p.
Contact: Jack Pyke of England 01234 740327

We Reckon:
• Effective 3-D camo system
• Gun camo a useful extra
• Good for the close range hunter

  • Jack Pyke LLCS camo system - image {image:count}

    click on image to enlarge

  • Jack Pyke LLCS camo system - image {image:count}

    click on image to enlarge

  • Jack Pyke LLCS camo system - image {image:count}

    click on image to enlarge

  • Jack Pyke LLCS camo system - image {image:count}

    click on image to enlarge

  • Jack Pyke LLCS camo system - image {image:count}

    click on image to enlarge

  • Jack Pyke LLCS camo system - image {image:count}

    click on image to enlarge


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  • Like CJ, I can't praise this set enough. I can confirm the "invisibility" factor that it brings once you've put it on....really does "fox" the wildlife and if sit still for long enough, the birdies WILL perch on you!!!!

    The mesh it's made of is really tough. You'll have to be going some if you want to rip it.
    The lines of loose leaves are a bit linear and in vertical stripes. This only really stands out when you're standing up and looking in the Mirroir but once you're tucked away, in the field, that's not an issue. More loose strips can be added by hand, if you feel the need....which you probably won't!

    Wear over dark clothing for best effect. Excellent in summer.

    Default profile image
    11 Feb 2013 at 12:12 AM
  • I have this suit. All i can say is wow. Seriously great bit of kit. I have been sat in the garden no nets nothing. I have walked back thinking nothing was about when i saw a magpie fly back into the tree. I sat down in the open nothing behind or infront he didnt seem bothered when he carried on back to feeding. Needless to say one less maggie was about the farm. I have had nearly been knocked out by birds flying between me and the shrubs. A foot from my head.

    I use black electrical tape seems to work well on the gun. For sticking the leave strips to the gun. If you have a mesh head cover that has eye hole in turn it round to cover the face. Not only do you get a small cover of shade. But it works really well on covering the face. Allowing for movement, and stops the mossies or fly getting in you face. I can't reccommend this enough. A must for any hunter. Good hunting!

    Default profile image
    21 Jun 2010 at 09:44 PM