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Crispi Stegg Boots

Crispi Stegg Boots

After meeting ‘mountain men’ of his region with misshapen feet due to badly designed boots. Alessandro Marcolin, a worker in the footwear industry decided he’d strive to design walking boots that gave the utmost in support, protection and comfort and so the Crispi brand name was born in 1975. Still led by Marcolin, Crispi embraces new technology to produce what are now hailed in many parts as ‘boots for the connoisseur.’

Stegg & Kanada

Currently there are two in the range being imported by Garlands Ltd, those being the curiously named ‘Stegg’ and a medium height walking/stalking design the ‘Kanada.’
The Stegg measures 12” high to the front of the well padded leather tongue and has four captive metal clasps with a further five metal speed hooks above. On first inspection it’s obvious these are a high quality design. The full grain leather is obvious making up most of the boot as is the Cordura padding at the top.

Double and even treble stitching is found everywhere were materials meet. The toe and rear ankle area are strengthened but these are now a given on most hunting boots, however not to the degree that a specifically designed system has been used.

By that I refer to the fact the boots use a technology known as the A.B.S.S (Ankle Bone Support System) which revolutionises the comfort and protection offered in this area. The system also uses innovative materials to cradle the rear section of the foot offering what is undoubtedly the finest ride I’ve experienced while walking over rough terrain.

Working Hard

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Now an average person couldn’t imagine just how much movement happens at the foot area as we walk. Every bone, joint and muscle has its duty to perform as we move along, and the worse the terrain then the harder they have to ‘work’ so we keep our balance. Crispi has actually researched this to discover what is needed to make movement while walking easier and certainly comfortable.

This brings us to what they term as Dual Tech Lining. Combining two Gore-Tex inners; a tough Duratherm Ultimate with the natural feel and comfort of what they term a ‘Skin Tech’ membrane. The result is an inner lining that is much more resistant to wear and completely waterproof.

No surprises that these boots use Vibram rubber soles. Showing an aggressive and multi-directional cleat pattern the design is to offer the best possible grip on the widest types of terrain. The high, broad rand is not only bonded to the side of the boot but is also an area you find treble stitching where it meets the leather.

Granted these are expensive boots but in my opinion the Crispi Stegg offer an amazing level of user comfort and support with an equally impressive build quality to justify it.

For: Practical footwear

Against: Not cheap

Verdict: If you need quality boots and will get the bets out of them well worth a look

PRICE: SRP £234.95 Sizes 4 - 13

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  • I have had a pair of these now four a couple of months.
    Took about a week of morning 4 mile walks but they are very comfortable now,(I cant feel them at all)
    Very well made, So far I can only reccomend them, Uttings outdoor was selling them for £135 inc postage , fantastic price and service from them.

    Default profile image
    Dave Harris
    26 Sep 2010 at 03:24 PM