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Gateway1 Sportsman Boots

Gateway1 Sportsman Boots

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For those unfamiliar with the Gateway1® brand, the name is inspired from the same word used in the days of USA´s birth when settlers, frontiersmen, fur trappers and other adventures often named the first landing spot on the US’s great rivers Gateway one. Which goes some way to explaining the functionality of their footwear in even the harshest nature and weather.

With a Danish and Scandinavian background, Gateway1 design their boots to be rugged, hard-wearing, unerringly reliable and, of course, comfortable; and a downloadable catalogue of their entire range is available now from their website at www.gateway1-footgear.com. So if you demand the absolute best for your feet whilst out in the field, browse the catalogue now – there’s the perfect pair for everyone.

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  • Contact: www.gateway1-footgear.com