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GripSwell Side-by-Side shooting gloves

GripSwell Side-by-Side shooting gloves

For a variety of reasons I wear gloves when shooting, which means I’ve tried, tested and worn out nearly everything out there. Whilst some are better than others I’ve yet to find a near perfect pair that encompasses all my demands. That was until Edward King over at ASI sent me a pair of scientifically and ergonomically designed ‘GripSwell’ gloves. In this particular instance, the pair you see here are the ‘Side-by-Sides’, specifically intended to be worn when shooting a shotgun from which they take their name. And yes, they work, in fact they work well and have performed way in excess of expectations.

Golden Gloves

Based on the gold glove principle that offers an exact and near skintight fit combined with full movement, the GripSwells are constructed of plush, soft leather, with good stitching throughout with the added benefit of 3M Scotchguard treatment. The fingers are perforated to allow a reasonable flow of air whilst a neat, stretchable insert above the knuckles maintains full articulation along with soft elastication across the backs of the hands. Velcro fasteners warp around the wrist to keep them in place.

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Handed, in this case for the right – handed shooter, the left glove’s fingers and palm are lined in fine padded suede that allows the user to hold the barrels in advance of the forend without the slightest sensation of heat transfer. Likewise, the right glove boasts strategic reinforcement around the thumb and middle finger to protect against the recoil effect of the trigger guard along with the top of the index finger so eliminating front or first trigger injury. Mark my words, if you aren’t used to them, double trigger guns can really bite the pinkies!

Worth It?

Far from inexpensive, they are however without doubt some of the best shooting gloves I’ve worn for many a year. Not only does the quality of construction and materials used shine through, the attention to detail and the fact they genuinely work sets these GripSwell’s apart. They don’t twist during use or become loose at any time whilst the texture of the hide still allows full manipulation of gun, ammunition and sundry items. In addition, for those who are looking to increase the radius of their shotgun’s grip, optional memory foam palm swell versions are also available.

PRICE: £60 (ball park)

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  • By chance I found a pair over a year ago and agree that they are terrific. Mine have worn out. However, being left handed, they offer them on their site, but don't really sell them. In three instances over the course of the past year plus, I have placed an order only to have them send me a message a day or so later saying that they do not have them and are therefore cancelling my order. They seem to know how to make gloves, but know little about customer service. I give up.

    Default profile image
    Ron Wolff
    05 Mar 2014 at 03:03 PM

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