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Helikon-Tex Lumber Leather Gloves

Helikon-Tex Lumber Leather Gloves

Helikon-Tex manufacture a wide variety of gloves to complement their huge catalogue of outdoor clothing and accessories. Well-known for their tactical and practical products they also manufacture a bushcraft line, which includes; shirts, tarps, wire saws, backpacks, ponchos, fire-starters, compasses and even camp kettles! The Lumber leather gloves are one of the latest additions to this line and are complemented with two other versions: the Woodcrafter and the Ranger Winter gloves.

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As the most basic type, the Lumber are also the cheapest, and are designed to offer maximum grip when using knives, axes and saws outdoors. They also provide great protection from scrapes, cuts and abrasions. They are manufactured from cowhide leather, which is not only durable but also dirt and water resistant. Helikon use a relatively thin layer of material with no additional lining to compliement an exact fit and cut which offers maximum dexterity to the wearer. There are elasticated cuffs to provide a proper fit and also to stop unwanted debris from getting in. The design also incorporates some reinforced loops, so that they can be secured together and attached to a bag or belt via the supplied metal carabiner.

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If planning on using them in the winter months, it’s recommended that a size larger is considered, so that another thinner layer can be worn underneath for extra warmth. As they are manufactured from genuine leather it is worth noting that care must be taken to maintain and preserve them during and after use; especially if they get soaking wet, as they should be left to dry naturally. They are available in traditional US Brown and come in sizes S-XXL.

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  • Name: Helikon-Tex Lumber Leather Gloves
  • RRP: €36.90
  • Contact: helikon-tex.com


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    Default profile image
    04 May 2022 at 05:38 PM
  • Helikon has some great clothing which I own which includes packs, bags etc.
    These Lumber Gloves falls very short of the expected Helikon Quality.
    * Gloves were different sizes
    * Both show S on the label
    * Gloves are different colours
    * Leather thickness is like Tissue Paper

    For the price you most certainly can buy better for much cheaper.
    Buy them for aesthetically pleasing look but just don’t work with them.
    I bought them from The Bushcraft Store with other items and was invited to leave feedback, which I did.
    All the positive stuff was published except my review of the gloves "VERY Disappointed" with the Bushcraft Store Cherry Picking.

    Default profile image
    03 Nov 2021 at 09:49 PM