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Jack Pyke Weardale Jacket and Gilet

Jack Pyke Weardale Jacket and Gilet

It is often the case when shooting in cold weather that we wrap up in too many layers; and, as a result, our movements are restricted, and the accuracy of our shooting, be it with shotgun, rifle or air rifle, goes downhill more quickly than a lead weight dropped off the side of a ship. There are many thermal and quilted types of jacket and gilet on the market, but when looking at the price, many will make your eyes water; however, this cannot be said of the new quilted Weardale range from Jack Pyke.

Cold is as cold does

Being sent them to look at in April may seem ridiculous, but the nights can be really quite cold when sitting out for foxes and in East Anglia we often had some late frosts that made these garments a welcome addition to my wardrobe; however, I am expecting them to get some serious use this winter. When we get one of those beast from the east winters like we used to have several decades ago, I live in hope.

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Both jacket and gilet are made from 100% 380T nylon and offer 200 grams of thermal insulation, there is a full-length, two-way zip that can be undone from the bottom as well as the top. This gives the possibility to vent some hot air without the sides flapping about in a wind, which runs all the way to the top of the collar. Both have two zipped side pockets for hands or just stuff, which are large enough to easily get your hand into and take it out again clasping what you went for. There’s also a zipped upper pocket on the left side, providing a safe place to keep keys or a phone.

The stitching is well done throughout the garments, whether it be the seams, attaching the zips or to give the quilted effect. All the time I have been wearing these two Weardale items, they have proved to be robust and the seams are bound with a fabric band to finish them off properly. Size range is from small to 3XL and it is worth bearing in mind that the cut of these garments means that they can be worn as an outer or thermal layer underneath a waterproof coat.

Easy mounting

Being nylon, they do not hang up on a coat worn over the top, allowing for easy movement when swinging a shotgun or mounting a rifle. Both do offer a limited level of water repellence, so do not rely on them to keep all the rain out, that is not what they are designed to do. However, when wet, they do dry out remarkably quickly and either way still keep the wearer warm. I have been out in both the jacket and the gilet, with a coat over the top of it, in some of those late frosts I mentioned. And even when sitting out for foxes with a cold east wind was quite warm and cosy, certainly the foxes paid the price for me being comfortable and having freedom of movement to shoot when they did show. Even if you are used to wearing some of the substantially more expensive brands of thermal coat, and I do have several, you will not be disappointed with these.

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  • Price: £46.95 and £39.95 respectively
  • Contact: Jack Pyke; jackpykeshop.co.uk


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