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Ridgeline Gunslinga Hydro

Ridgeline Gunslinga Hydro

The name clearly indicates that this pack’s added facility is to carry liquid in an optional extra 2l bladder, that slips into an internal elasticated pouch and the hose that supplies it to the wearer is set on the outer side of the right shoulder harness, secured by ABS clips. Like all back packs in the brand range, it’s manufactured from Ridgeline’s own unique ‘Quiet- Tex’ material with a PVC lining. This results in it being very strong, hard wearing and silent in use and fully waterproof.

Measuring 20-inches at its highest point and 12-inches at its widest, it has a depth of approximately 6-inches. Its name also betrays its ability to carry a gun (muzzle up), directly secured to the back of the pack. Most packs of this design omit muzzle protectors, the Gunslinga being no exception. I’d recommend a Neoprene scope protector be used, because when I tried, with various rifles, the scope protruded from the protective back flap when the rifle was in place. This ‘flap’ is an external, flat-topped triangular shaped cover, secured either side by two pairs of adjustable QD buckles. This unclips to reveal the double-sided Velcro straps that keep the rifle centred and secure; the butt holder is stored in the base inside a Velcro fastened pocket. It’s already attached to the outer rear of the base by a strong length of adjustable webbing. The rifle cradle measurers 6-inches wide and 3-inches deep, so will accommodate virtually all air rifles, firearms etc. However, to be on the safe side, check the size of your gun before purchasing.

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Once the butt of the rifle is placed into the holder and adjusted to suit, the pack’s ‘integral’ Velcro straps can be wrapped around the rifle to keep it secure against the outer. For extra security and to protect it from dents or scratches, the padded cover flap returns over to secure back down using adjustable QD buckles.

The fully adjustable shoulder harness is wide and well padded, with an adjustable sternum and wide waist band with zipped side pockets, fastening at the front with a large ABS clip buckle. With the obligatory grab handle at the top, the pack offers a high level of wearer comfort and stowage space. The underside is well protected with two compression straps for keeping the pack secure at all areas and the two, external side pockets run diagonally to the pack and your hands are free to use and carry shooting sticks. Some stalkers favour them but no matter how many features, ease of use and rifle protection it offers, it still only caters to a very niche sector of the hunting fraternity.

That said, the Gunslinga is one of the better and more reasonably priced models on the UK market.

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  • Name: Ridgeline Gunslinga Hydro Backpack Buffalo Camo 35L
  • Price: SRP £54.99. Optional Extra 2L
  • Hydration Bladder: £11.99
  • Contact: Highland Outdoors www.highlandoutdoors.co.uk