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Helikon Women’s UTP Trousers

Helikon Women’s UTP Trousers

After getting more involved in the shooting world and outdoor pursuits, there became a need for some more suitable clothing to spend my time in. I was recommended the Women’s Urban Tactical Pants from Helikon by a friend in the know. As with all ladies clothing, sizing is a little ambiguous and my usual size 10 requirements for 30-/36-inch waist/hips were suited by size 32-/34-inch marked on the package from Helikon. All waist sizes are left with long 34-inch legs to hem yourself. I found the flattering cut with a high, elasticated waistband featuring a YKK zip fly, with Velcro at the waistband very comfortable. It is good to see attention has been paid to many of the subtler elements of the design that are too often forgotten in more mainstream brands; they are well designed, so that they do not fall or have any ‘exposure’ when bent over and all zips and fasteners lay flat, without digging into you. A standard leg length impinges slightly on the idea of the reinforced knees. Regardless of how long you hem them, when kneeling, the knee stitching and internal pocket for padding this area was a little too high, sitting over my kneecap rather than below the knee and onto the top of my shins, the area that faces the most discomfort when kneeling. I think dropping this element would suit female users better, as unlike men who seem to allow trousers to sag a little, that is not what women tend to do.

Storage solutions

Twelve pockets are useful for storage of both bulky items at the legs and more secure valuables at the waist and hips; just be cautious that the flattering shape of the trousers doesn’t invite too much bulk high up, probably keys and a slim phone maximum. However, the good point of the pockets is that none of the ‘flaps’ stick up after being sat on for a while, there are no buttons and the zips on the rear pockets.

After spending many hours in the trousers and one particularly dismal day, I would like more clothing in the Ripstop fabric blend used here! It’s not completely waterproof but my legs stayed warm against the wind that didn’t flood through. After the intermittent rain eventually soaked in, they dried out remarkably quickly with no clinginess, discomfort or chaffing.

They may suggest Law Enforcement as a priority in their design and although muddy outdoors is a bit different, the cut of the articulated knees gave quiet fluid movement, without being too baggy and creating noise during movement. For spring and summer conditions, they are excellent trousers with khaki remaining cooler in the sun but four darker tones are also available for field sports uses. The loops are sufficiently spacious for a webbing belt to spread the weight if wearing compact extra kit around your waist. Shorter items, like a Leatherman or such, won’t dig into your hips. Two small internal pockets will take emergency items, like house or car keys that you just cannot afford to lose on a day over mixed outdoor terrain and multiple locations, if you don’t want to add to the attached key ring karabiner.


A regular 30-degree wash cleaned them up without any hassle and no seams have come loose after three-months; the Velcro tab to secure the waistband has stayed perfectly `hook and loop` without any flattening or lack of adhesion, the ripstop 60% Cotton, 37% Polyester, 3% Spandex fabric doesn’t stick to it or add any fluff to block the `pores`


  • Name: Helikon Women's UTP Trousers (RipStop Khaki)
  • Colours: Khaki (on test) Black, Grey, Olive and Blue
  • Sizes: 29-, 31-, 33-, 35-inch waist with 34-inch leg
  • Price: £56.00
  • Contact: Military 1st, www.military1st.co.uk


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