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Sauer S202 ‘British Six’ rifle

Sauer S202 ‘British Six’ rifle

If you are looking for pedigree hunting rifle, then a Sauer will always be at the top of your list. If, in addition, you are a UK stalker looking for the ultimate hardware and hunting experience, then the S202 ‘British Six’ is a unique product. Deliberately advertised as a ‘Limited Edition of One’, included in its price is the experience of a lifetime, giving its lucky purchaser the opportunity over three planned hunts to shoot each of our six deer species.

Work of art

Chambered in 308 Win, it’s finished to an extraordinarily high standard with a well figured and finely chequered, Grade 10, Walnut Monte Carlo stock, removable for travel with a long-shank Allen key. The receiver, magazine base-plate, trigger guard and bolt are all steel-nitrated and variously engraved with the six deer species of Great Britain. Set amidst intricate scroll work, inlaid with gold, the search for each species is representative of the exploration, which will be continued during the year after purchase. Three fine Red stags adorn the top of the receiver, opposite the extraction port. An eight-point Sika stag decorates the underside of the trigger guard, whilst a beautiful master Fallow buck fills the magazine base plate. The Muntjac takes a bit of finding at the back of the bolt, set smoothly above the safety catch, and the Chinese Water Deer is featured on the swept back and jewelled bolt handle. The Roe, finally, is inset into an ebony pistol grip base plate. All are excellent and lifelike reproductions.

The medium weight barrel is 560mm long with a matt black Ilaflon, anti-corrosion finish and screw cut 14x1mm. Iron sights have been left to maintain the traditional look, but the foresight is removable if a reflex moderator is preferred. The magazine is a detachable, 3-shot box with a recessed release catch. The safety is Sauer’s push-down button, which protrudes into the trigger guard and is finger-operated. The single-stage trigger offers a push-forward, set option for a lighter break. There’s a cocked action indicator pin at the rear of the bolt shroud (under the Muntjac). The entire rifle may be broken down and stored for travel in its own leather case.

Class glass

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This rifle wears a Leica Magnus 2.4-16x56i scope, in a set of return to zero Apel swing mounts. It shows exceptional clarity, image definition and light transmission. It incorporates an illuminated reticle, parallax adjustment, a locking ‘bullet drop compensation’ top turret and an ‘aqua-dura’ lens coating, which is designed to repel water. The reticle shows a fine cross with a centre dot that subtends ½ MOA @ 100-yards, so allowing a precise zero.

I really enjoyed field testing this wonderful rifle. Solid and dependable in construction but incorporating the work of a magnificent artist, it was a joy to handle, admire and use.

Mounting naturally to the shoulder and easily taking the recoil of an un-moderated series of shots, it grouped well with Federal 150-grain ammo at 100m and a little better with an RWS equivalent. As ever, any rifle will have its favourite load, so it’s best to try a number of makes and options to find the sweet spot!

The British Six represents a considered, lifetime acquisition, which will be maintained with reverence and used with joy. It is beautifully finished and wonderfully presented and, if all goes well during the ensuing year, will boast a rare pedigree of being responsible for having taken each of our UK deer species. I know that it will give its owner huge satisfaction!


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  • Price: Rifle, Scope and ‘UK 6’ Hunting Opportunity: £49,700
  • Contact: Garlands Ltd, 01827 383300, www.garlands.uk.com