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6th Airborne Normandy 1944

6th Airborne Normandy 1944

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Before the main beach landing came ashore on D-Day, the British and US airborne divisions were landing in the dark with the purpose of capturing or neutralising strategic points.

This work in the new ‘Past & Present’ series covers the British element, including the seizing of the bridge at Benouville, the fighting at the Dives bridges and the town of Ranville. This covers the eastern or left flank of the landings and each part fits together to form a picture, which explains the whole operation. As well as the more famous episodes of the operation, the authors include the smaller episodes where the fighting was no less intense. The detail in the captions fit with the maps and the reader is always well orientated. This is a handy, easy to use guidebook full of useful information, which will be of interest to modellers and war gamers as well as battlefield visitors.

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