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A Great Feat of Improvisation

A Great Feat of Improvisation

The story of the deployment of the British Expeditionary Force to France in 1939 is well known. But how it was assembled, transported and kept supplied is not so well documented. This book answers all those questions and dismisses the myths which have built up over the years. This work goes into finite detail, explaining everything needed to keep the BEF operational. While other books on Dunkirk and the BEF concentrate on the fighting, this book explains how the troops were able to fight. The author lays out tables for quick reference and together with an in-depth text, the whole work is supported by photographs. He does not shy away from criticising actions and failures as well as the huge wastage of materiel which would be left behind to the benefit of the Germans. This absorbing work must be read to understand the early days of the war, when Britain stood alone after Dunkirk.


A Great Feat of Improvisation


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Clem Maginniss


Helion & Company Ltd, Warwick





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