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Animals in the Second World War

Animals in the Second World War

When we think of animals during WWII we tend to think of the obvious, such as horses, mules, dogs and pigeons. This small monograph on the subject is a good way of introducing young students to the subject, which also includes camels and elephants. The author describes the institution of the Dickin Medal (sometimes referred to as the animals’ Victoria Cross) and highlights some of the recipients, such as the dog Judy and the homing pigeon ‘Winkie’. A nice title, packed full of useful information, such as rescue dogs, readers of all ages will find it interesting. It may also prompt militaria collectors to consider memorabilia connected to animals in the war. A useful list of museums and sites connected to animals is included, which can be visited. We forget about animals in war and this title is a handy reminder of just how valuable their contribution was to the war.


Animals in the Second World War


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Neil R. Storey


Shire Books, Oxford





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