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Backing Bletchley

Backing Bletchley

Today we know more about the top secret work done at Bletchley Park codebreaking centre than we did 30 years ago. We know more about the people and how vital their role was in winning the war. There have been many films which have distorted the facts and these have been corrected by well-researched books. Some of them are very technical and others barely scratch the surface. This work hits between the two and is perfect for the layman in terms of facts and how operations were managed. The author presents it in a style which makes it personal to the reader and stays away from going into too much technical detail. Things are explained and anecdotes are interesting and informative. This is a perfect book as a starting point for anyone interested in learning more about Bletchley. It is also ideal for anyone wishing to satisfy their curiosity and answer questions in a straightforward manner.


Ronal Koorm


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Amberley Publishing, Stroud, Gloucestershire





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