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Battlefield Companion Somme 1916

Battlefield Companion Somme 1916

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In the annals of military history there are some battles which can referred to by a single name.
For example, Crecy, Waterloo and Inkerman. Included in this list is the Somme, fought from the 1st of July to 18th of November 1916. Some 420,000 British and Commonwealth troops were killed, wounded and missing, along with 204,000 French and over 430,000 Germans. The legacy of this fighting can be seen today in the many military cemeteries, which punctuate the countryside of the Somme region. This work is a guidebook of exceptional reference quality and published on ‘plastic’ pages with a ‘comb’ binder spine, it is virtually indestructible. The quality of the maps, reference points for locations and photographs make this an indispensable guidebook for anyone wishing to tour the area. If you are looking for a starting point to investigate the Somme, this is it. Broken down into easy manageable tours, it will allow the visitor to go to all the important sites and some off the beaten track.

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